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Posted by Bob on May 5th, 2007 under About Bob, Coaching Session, History

I had the expertise of having been Special Assistant to the head of the entire civil service — including security clearances — for all 2.2 million Federal employees AND contractees. They had given me on-the-job training for that that couldn’t be bought.

But I was immobilized. My sister charged in and took over the job. She was a former medical secretary, master’s degree church administrator, amd de facto plant manager. She is now a grandmother, and doesn’t even mention her former impressive jobs.

I DELEGATED everything to her, and I mean EVERYTHING in a sense people do not normally use the word. The very fact that made me eligible was what kept ME from doing it. This is the good old Catch-22. The Feds make disability benefits so hard to get that the person who is truly disabled is broken in the process.

Without my sister, and that would have continued to be my fate. I hadn’t applied because I couldn’t DEAL with applying. I did other things well, but when it came to my disability I simply could not DO it.

So I delegated. Big time. I out of SIGHT delegated to my sister. It was one of my major accomplishments.

SysOps understands this. I have something you need. I have something NO ONE ELSE has. But, when you are in my state, what you have to delegate is … Well, … Sometimes odd.

When the Forensic Psychologist first talked to me, he bowled me over. Right in front of him was the set of high-level, high-pressure and dangerous tasks I had accomplished, all the unclassified risks I took. His first words to me were, “Bet you have an AWFUL time mailing a letter, don’t you?” He said it routinely, as if someone willing to go into life and death situations and being a recognized political fighter but being panicked by mailing a letter was so routine to him it was a bit of a bore.

I thought this was something I could not EXPLAIN. I could do all that but I couldn’t fill out the forms. Once my sister got on it, this turned out to be not even unusual.

So now we have the explanation as to why millions of desperate people, the ones the system exists for, cannot get disability, while sociopaths thrive on it.

But, and PLEASE concentrate on this NEW point, this is why so many people fail. They have to “come up through the ranks.” I was a lousy GS-5 and about the best GS-15 the taxpayer ever got. I got horrible grades in high school and did great in college and grad school AFTER I got around the system and got into college from the tenth grade by the method I have described.

I would NEVER have graduated from high school. I would have been one of those dropout-in-MENSA types. Without any alternative to this “up through the ranks” crap, it is almost impossible for our true geniuses to make it where we need them.

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