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Dave III

Posted by Bob on May 5th, 2007 under Coaching Session

Note that I said in Dave II that the Chilean Communist Allende was elected in a THREE-WAY election. That is the way Lincoln was elected.

I need to get the importance of this across to you:

The days of “Stop Immigration!” and “The Evil Conspiracy took the world from us, let’s EXPOSE them!” are OVER. That was the strategy of a TWO-WAY election: White Supremacy versus THEM.

In a two-way world, we are overwhelmed. But in the three-way world I see so clearly, THEY are a MESS.

Let’s go back to Dave II:

I keep telling you about the simple strategy, twenty years of it, that I followed. Everybody said they were for it after it succeeded. But it is critical for me to remind you that the Conspirators and the Respectables fought me for two decades on this.

In other words, I have been here before. The very idea that Republicans spent decades trying to get “The Negro Vote” is so absurd today that nobody even MENTIONS it now. They STILL rule the Republican Party.

Once you are “made man” in the libservative establishment being right or wrong has no meaning. They “have a life.” Blaming professionals for mistakes of the past demeans all professionals

Which leaves US. What “professionals” say about us is no our concern. What matters to us fanatics is this:

I knew it THEN. They admitted it AFTER the battle was won.

Everyone has carefully forgotten that the collapse of the Soviet Empire was then considered an absurd dream. Now everybody KNEW it would happen.


Here we go again, to almost quote Reagan’s “There you go again.” to Carter in the presidential debates in 1980..

The days of the old White Supremacy are over. But, if you wake up and smell the roses, there has never been a time when white supremacy was taken for granted so completely as it is today.

The relevance of the old “Who took the world away from US?” is over. WE owned the world but WE said “Ex Oriente Luc” and we said that All Mankind had a right to the Heritage of All Mankind. We slaughtered each other in the World Wars and lost everything we had a right to.

That’s OVER.

We didn’t lose.

No one took it AWAY from us.

No Jew was ever as fanatical about killing our racial brethren as WE were.

So cut the crap.

One thing they are right about is blaming everything on US.

How white supremacist can you GET!?

The only people who are NOT white supremacist today are the Conspiracy freaks.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, this is the situation:

1) Everybody agrees on white supremacy;

2) In a two-way race between the old white supremacy and everybody else, we lose. Even if you EXPOSE all our enemies.

3) in a THREE-WAY race, the ENEMY’S position is hopeless.

We must learn how to handle a THREE Way race.

Those whose function is to speak for the white race will rule.

In the future, if I am successful , everybody would have known that all along.

  1. #1 by Peter on 05/05/2007 - 11:09 pm

    Just an editorial note of no relevance to the point well made. Allende was elected in Chile, not Argetina.

  2. #2 by Stevenp on 05/05/2007 - 11:18 pm

    Funny you bring this up Bob. I’m writing a point A analysis (strategy: define point A where you are, point B where you want to be and then draw a line between A and B – that’s your strategy). As it happens, I’m working with that same three way perspective. Here’s the first part:


    The political stage contains certain inbuilt assumptions about the left and their multi-cultural project. The main and most effective of these assumptions is that the left is operating in good faith.

    This assumption is the default view that, to some degree, we all carry. This is why pro-white posters here and elsewhere continue to view the left as a pack of bumbling fools rather than what they are: Pro-minority bigots out to extract group-specific privileges off the backs of white children.

    This pro-minority racial extortion coalition is primarily composed of four groups: paranoid Jews, racial minorities, militant lesbians (the so-called “feminists”) and militant gays. Members of these minority groups are perfectly conscious of their pariticipation in the coalition and of its objectives; to advance everybody’s group-specific interests against those of the majority. Their cohesiveness, as groups and as a coalition, owes to extensive propaganda aimed at characterizing whites as their common “oppressor” and as their universal scapegoat for all grievances.

    The majority, in contrast, is split into three groups of monkeys.


    The three wise monkeys (in Japanese, sanzaru, or sanbiki no saru, literally “three monkeys”) are a pictorial maxim. Together they embody the proverbial principle “to see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil”. The three monkeys are Mikazaru, covering his ears, who hears no evil; Mizaru, covering his eyes, who sees no evil; and Mazaru, covering his mouth, who speaks no evil. (Wikipedia)

    Once upon a time there was..


    Mikazaru was a deaf white monkey who couldn’t hear but could see very well. And what he saw was the pro-minority extortion coalition pressing a mountain of anti-white racial discrimination against innocent white monkeys:

    Affirmative action discrimination;
    Race based private scholarships;
    Diversity quotas in private hiring;
    Race norming in employment tests;
    Separate pool executive hiring;
    Minority layoff protection;
    Sensitivity training;
    Minority promotion networks;
    Minority-only contract set-asides;
    Minority-only tax breaks;

    (Remember, Mikazaru was a deaf monkey so he never heard any bla bla about the pro-minority extortion coalition being opposed to racism and discrimination. No, he just saw them executing it against white monkeys. That’s all he knew about them; what he saw.)


    So Mikazaru wondered how on earth those pro-minority bigots justified such an extensive system of racial discrimination against white monkeys. He started his investigation by looking for the racial theories, i.e. for the arguments used to promote, justify and legitimise racial discrimination against a group, in this case white monkeys. He found that the pro-minority bigots were dependent on three specific racial theories:*

    The first racial theory justified racial discrimination as a remedy for historical wrongs. Mikazaru wondered whether its proponents really believed people owe for their ancestor’s deeds. So he looked to black monkeys and saw them complaining about genocide. When the white monkey came to Africa, they said, he sold them firearms. This led to tribal wars, slave-taking, slave-selling and then more firearms buying, more wars and so on in a viscious cycle. The black monkeys claimed the white monkey owed them for the 20 million dead and enslaved.

    So Mikazaru wondered, if they debit the white monkey for introducing firearms and war, do they credit him for introducing penicillin and modern medicine?

    Mikazaru looked to Wikipedia and found that Africa’s population before the white monkeys came was 100 million and that by the time the white monkeys left it had grown to 500 million. Mikazaru concluded that four out of every five black monkeys (400 million) owed their lives and existence to the white monkey. So he asked them whether they believe they owe as well.

    By their reaction they revealed that no, they did not really believe monkeys can owe or claim credit for their ancestor’s deeds. They only believed that nonsense when it’s convenient to them. Mikazaru concluded they were not acting in good faith, they didn’t really believe their own racial theory and were lying to hide their dark motives.

    The second racial theory justified racial discrimination against a group for being privileged. Again, Mikazaru was curious as to whether its proponents really believed that monkeys owe because their group is wealthier. So he looked to the pro-minority bigots and saw them complaining about inequality, about the poor and downtrodden, about the underdogs.

    Mikazaru reasoned that if they believe in equality to such an extent that they approve of race discrimination against white monkeys, shouldn’t they also approve of it against other privileged groups?

    Mikazaru looked to the Jewish magazine Moment and found that 45% of Forbes billionaires were semitic monkeys. Knowing that semitic monkeys accounted for only 2% of the US population, Mikazaru concluded that they were a privileged group. So he asked the pro-minority bigots whether they believed semitic monkeys deserved being subject to racial discrimination as well.

    By their reaction they revealed that no, they did not really believe individual members of privileged groups should be discriminated against, they only believed that nonsense when white monkeys were involved. Mikazaru concluded they were not acting in good faith, they didn’t really believe their own racial theory and were lying to hide their dark motives.

    The third racial theory justified racial discrimination against a group simply because it was the majority group. Mikazaru suspected that here too there wouldn’t be any good faith. So he simply asked whether black monkeys, being the majority in Detroit, deserve being subject to racial discrimination because of it. He got the expected reaction and concluded that yet again the pro-minority bigots were acting in bad faith, they didn’t really believe their own racial theory and were lying to hide their dark motives.

    At this point Mikazaru realized that the extensive system of racial discrimination against white monkeys had no justification whatsoever and what was more the pro-minority bigots lobbying for more group-specific privileges knew it. They were perfectly conscious of their dark motives and had to keep lying to conceal them.

    Alarmed at all this, Mikazaru looked further to see what these white monkey haters were doing and what they were planning. He saw that besides lobbying for more group-specific privileges they were reaching for something else. They were furiously pushing for something else in order to effect a demographic rearrangement of society designed to turn white monkeys into a minority: Mass immigration.

    Apprehensive, Mikazaru looked even further to see what happened in all big US cities when the pro-minority racial extortion coalition locked in its demographic power. Everywhere he looked he saw that the racism, discrimination and violence increased dramatically until the white monkeys fled, leaving behind their weakest, the working poor and the old.

    But this time it will be different, Mikazaru realized, this time it wouldn’t be just a city. This time the bolts on white flight would be fastened tight because there would be nowhere to run. Fearing for his children’s future, Mikazaru rushed off to alert his brothers Mizaru and Mazaru.


    I’m still working on MIZARU the liberal and MAZARU the conservative. As should by now be obvious, WE are MIKAZARU and our mission is to get MIZARU to open his eyes and MAZARU to speak up before all the little white monkeys are doomed!

  3. #3 by Sys Op on 05/06/2007 - 12:32 am

    What this needs is a genius illustrator and the smoothest, doe-eyed children’s book writer you can find. Bambi come to mind?

  4. #4 by Bob on 05/06/2007 - 8:07 am

    THANKS for the correction! I need to be caught by YOU not THEM!

    I’ll change it.

    But can I help it if them ferriners can’t name their own countries right?

  5. #5 by Simmons on 05/06/2007 - 8:50 am

    I second the idea of Sys Op.

  6. #6 by shari on 05/06/2007 - 9:44 am

    I would buy copies for Christmas and birthday gifts. Ha!

  7. #7 by Dave on 05/06/2007 - 1:25 pm

    “Those whose function is to speak for the white race will rule”

    It doesn’t get more precise than that.

    Watching this process develop in the current presidential election cycle is hilarious.

    Nobody but nobody out there in big league politics “making his or her play” has a clue on how to navigate the three-way political reality BW is talking about.

    And this gets back to Reagan: Reagan true expertise was in the social etiquette of being “the Chairman”.

    His feeling for (and his ability to execute) the nuances of social etiquette in the big leagues was unparalleled. Can you think any big league politician in recent times that was more successful than Reagan in convincing his enemies that, he personally, for one, was not given to sweating the load?

    That’s called competitive fitness. It is a model for how white interests should be represented. It is not our job “to sweat the load”. After all, “we are in power”.

    In the current round we have characters like Congressman Ron Paul, desperately trying to speak for white interests by blaming everything on the Treasury Department’s accountant, the Federal Reserve, that he counts as being responsible for out of control Federal finance (a euphemism for welfare spending on nonwhites and foreigners).

    That’s Ron Paul’s clumsy gambit for navigating multiculturalism. We are supposed to ignore that he is a died-in-the-wool loser (looks like one), and that he doesn’t have the guts to speak of the plain racial facts of the matters before us.

    Most politicians today are just sticking with the tried and true, “I’ll just keep my yap shut”, about anything having to do with race. That’s a far effective strategy than Ron Paul’s.

    North American whites, beginning now to have our noses rubbed as deeply in racial truth as our more outnumbered South American racial brethren, will respond in novel and unforeseen ways simply because novel and unforeseen actors will be doing the responding.

    We all know that the current casts of characters in the American political arena are “last act” players of an era that has died. That is what makes their clumsy attempts at adapting almost funny.

  8. #8 by BoardAd on 05/06/2007 - 2:18 pm


    There is an illustrator on SF who might be able to help. He was working on children’s books for his job but he showed off a couple of anti-bush cartoons in the graphics thread that were well drawn. I think it was Bush standing in a forest with a caption of “did it make a sound?”.

    I wish I could tell you his screen name but the site isn’t loading for me.

  9. #9 by Sys Op on 05/07/2007 - 2:50 am

    GREAT catch… This needs to be followed up on. Even if it evolves into something a bit different than what is above, it NEEDS to be started in the youngest of ages. Primers and word training books for private and home schools are essential and profitable.

    Steven P, Jamie Kelso is an artist. In one of our fast conversations, I heard him say something about his portfolio while looking into a job potential years ago. This is not to say that he himself would do it, but that he is tuned in to know who could. I know of two women water-color illustrators… fabulous work, but I have no idea how they would stand on the issue. I have put the word out to a couple women, one a writer, one the illustrator above to get their current/first book published. I haven’t heard as they are both quite happily married and kids and grandkids are top of the list. Any of us would love to have their book. I will buy them just to give as gifts to children and their parents to begin their training.

    It CAN be done. And NOW is the time because the book publishing death-grip of the big New York publishers is GONE. The internet and high-quality software and high-tech printing equipment has put it within reach of anyone with startup money and a marketing team.

    Unfortunately, the best plants for full-color children’s books are in China — I’ve talked with one who flew there to see the operation in 2005, it was a state-of-the-art place — you could eat off the floors and their production quality could not be beat here in the U.S. But they didn’t invent ANY of that stuff, I’ll clue you!! America has prostituted its best.

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