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Again, About the Resource We Call “Bob”

Posted by Bob on May 5th, 2007 under About Bob, Coaching Session, How Things Work

If you are going to get into the hot kitchen of politics, you get so used to being screwed that you ought to be a one-unit population explosion, even if you’re male.

There is no point in keeping a Black Book in your head, people you want to get back at. You only get back at people if it PAYS, i.e., a few times to let people know not to do it. But revenge on principle does NOT pay. It detracts from your JOB: “it’s not personal, it’s business,” as the Mafia says about someone who sleeps with the fishes.

I do keep a WHITE book. It is as thin as the proverbial list of black mathematical geniuses. For those, even the ones who will not speak to me or hate my guts, I would do damn near anything. That list includes Joe Sobran, who won’t speak to me, and Bill Rusher, who will.

That’s the PERSONAL side, very limited.

On the POLITICAL side, I reacted strongly to one commenter who, quite reasonably, mused that I might be engaged in wishful thinking without looking up the information I provided. That attacks my professional competence, which is all I have to offer you.

You will notice that personal insults roll off me without even being noted. It is only where they hit on what I am trying to offer here that I contradict them. That is a BIG difference.

SysOps and I were discussing our mutual experience of having been around so many blocks that what strikes newer people as a crisis, as it did US when we were newer at this game, actually BORES us.

I said in Dave II that when yet one more person explains patiently to me that they “have a life” it is as boring as hearing one more anti play me a tape-recording of Mommy Professor’s lines. But both the former and the latter actually think they have something here I didn’t know about.

As I ended Dave II, I just don’t want to BOTHER with that crap. I didn’t get two nervous breakdowns from overwork because I had nothing else to do, but I don’t want to explain that over and over and over and over and over and over.

But, as they said on Monty Python, here is something completely different, which those breakdowns remind me of. Like a goddam fool, I waited till the first one got better and then plunged back into the maelstrom. Naturally the second one came along.

I waited to come back from it.

And waited.

And waited.

FINALLY, I applied for permanent disability. Normally you cannot get my kind of disability if you don’t apply within a year. I honestly believe that I am the ONLY person who applied NINE YEARS LATE and not only won, but got nine years back disability.

“It’s all crystallizing around RACE, and the System is trying desperately to switch the subject.

II suspect this will be to little avail.”

Trying to switch the subject is helping crystalize everything around race.

They are becoming increasingly predictable to everyone, which is making folks like Gibson and Imus rich at their expense and it certainly makes our job easier.

You see they are trying to remain disciplined by sticking to the program.

But their program is built on absurdities such as that whites do not exist.

And that of course simply helps crystalize everything around race.

This is what happens when an ethnic group whose average IQ hovers around 85 believes itself to be the smartest people in the world.

  1. #1 by Bob on 05/05/2007 - 10:34 pm

    All this talk about my psychological stuff reminds me of an incident in the 1968 presidential campaign. The media discovered that Geroge Wallace had gotten psychiatric treatment while in World War II.

    They confronted him with it.

    His reply was, “Well, I got a certificate after I was treated. I have an official paper that says I’m sane.”

    “What have YOU got?”

    This ended the discussion.

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