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Housewife and Nutcase

Posted by Bob on May 6th, 2007 under Bob, Coaching Session

In “Citizen Kane” around 1940 the reporter trying to find out what “Rosebud” meant could not get an appointment with the new president, the CEO, of Kane’s old newspapers. But the Chairman of the Board, the only person who outranked the CEO, immediately granted him an interview.

When the reporter asked about this, which to him seemed strange, he was told, “He’s the president of this outfit, he’s got no time. I’m Chairman of the Board. I got nothing BUT time.”

After almost seventy years the media and the Practical Men STILL do not GET it.

The press never understood Reagan’s forty-hour week. To repeat, Reagan had been governor of California for eight years. On paper he was the President, the Chief Operating Officer. In reality he was Chairman of the Board.

Nixon had already described in his biography how long it took HIM to learn this lesson after HE became president. The media didn’t notice. They STILL don’t get it.

As one commenter explained, the media are just plain OUT of it.

Thank God!

I described how my sister and I won, as far as I know, and I know a LOT about it, an unprecedented victory on my disability. She was a former medical secretary, a master’s degree, ordained-by-the-bishop big church administrator. She was de facto manager of our brick plant. But she, IN ALL HONESTY, says all that was LONG ago and she is a housewife.

This is not modesty. She would not trade the hair on one of her grandchildren’s head for all that medical secretary, a master’s degree, ordained-by-the-bishop big church administrator, de facto manager stuff . She IS a housewife.

Eat your hearts out, Women’s Lib!

Her favorite joke about the two of us beating the system was my comment:

“Pretty good for a housewife and a nutcase!”

When we did this, I was truly in a psychotically helpless state and that was what the forensic psychologists were PROVING. But it took us three years, and we WON. I was, as is slightly unusual for people in that the state I was in, indispensable. She was CEO, I was Chairman.

I will never be back in full fighting form again. But I am certainly not near the state I was in at that time. So when I say we can win with me as your Chairman of the Board, I am speaking from experience.

When she can dig up the time, SysOps acts as our CEO. But we are franchising. SysOps wants others to become CEOs. We’re head-hunting.

It is true that “There’s always room at the top.” But people don’t UNDERSTAND what that means. In business or on the Hill or anywhere else, there is always a shortage of the KIND OF PEOPLE who MAKE IT at the top.

Reagan used to interview people for high positions in his Administration AFTER he had read up on that “expert’s” specialty. Said “intellectual” would come in and Reagan would play that dumb-but-friendly Irishman image the media swallowed whole. Said Expert would give him the Full Treatment.

After the interview, Reagan would say, “That guy would be a DISASTER. Who else have we got?”

Reagan was looking for someone at the top. There’s always room up there, but the people who can MAKE IT there are few and far between.

They made a hit movie out of the book, “How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying.”

It was a comedy.

  1. #1 by Pain on 05/06/2007 - 8:27 pm

    “There’s always room up there, but the people who can MAKE IT there are few and far between.”

    That’s why the really good ones like Reagan, Whitaker, and that guy in Germany seemed to come out of nowhere. One minute they’re off radar, the next they’re blowing up the quarterdeck.

  2. #2 by Sys Op on 05/07/2007 - 2:22 am

    This is not modesty. She would not trade the hair on one of her grandchildren’s head for all that medical secretary, a master’s degree, ordained-by-the-bishop big church administrator, de facto manager stuff. She IS a housewife.

    I can honestly say that I would give up my degrees, anything I’ve earned or have, or am doing now to just be what she is. Without her being that “housewife” not out wage-slaving for some other guy’s family, I doubt she would have been available to do exactly what you needed constantly for all those years… and the closest to you to have been able to do it in the first place. Next blood kin.

    Yours is a description of what a WIFE SHOULD BE. Real men as real husbands and Real women as real wives, understanding and adhering to their designs and best purposes can create and rear together (and with their extended families around them) the most dynamic nation, stable and productive people, on the face of the earth. When that design is relentlessly attacked and bombshelled, you get exactly what we see today. Marriage is not for everyone. That level of responsibility is not for everyone.

    Until everyone gets up to speed with ending public education yesterday, then getting out of the debt and spend material rat race starting today, and getting real about honest solid relationships then even after the tsunami smashes onto shore 200 feet high and we see what the outcome will be — the same idiot mistakes will happen again because the family was never meant to be run by government or without solid support of law or by juvenile airheads.

    Not too long ago (I talked with a judge who worked under this law) I was shocked to hear it took a bill submitted to the state legislature to obtain a divorce. Each partner had better think long and hard and plan wisely before choosing a mate. The man must do the most thinking and never think twice about a woman who does not meet a solid list of clearance criteria. He, and not the woman, has the most responsibility in marriage. Killing a marriage which has produced children, kills a family and it has long, long been shown that no one comes out of it without lasting damage. That hurts everyone it touches and for that to be the norm in any nation is insanity.

    My beautiful (and those are not my words, but those of men of all ages) jewels of a daughters hate the “feminist” mentality in women and men. Her clearance criteria will serve her extremely well. Her only real handicap is me. But others will vouch for me and the man will get 100% support and assistance in any form from her people.

    Now, wouldn’t that be nice?

  3. #3 by shari on 05/07/2007 - 1:04 pm

    I very much appreciate Sys Op her comment. Back in the 70’s and 80’s I complained, “bitched” or whined about why more women did’t say NO to the big push to get them out of the house. They couldn’t have taxed away half of a family income and all the rest, if most were living that way. People would have noticed much faster. We have tread water all these years. We are out of debt, but I feel sad about what we could have helped our children with that has been ripped off. Bob says that he feels he was cheated, well, I do too, but there is some fresh air blowing.

  4. #4 by Sys Op on 05/07/2007 - 2:26 pm

    Shari, you’re a woman after my own heart. I lost a lot to the feminist movement. I never was one, never wanted a “career” but as I have said before — most feminists I know personally are men. Irresponsibility breeds contempt and the children are abandoned to sit in the middle of the road and “hope” for the best from mommy-professors and daddy-ranknfiles.

    YES. A LOT of fresh air is blowing. I love it and fan the flames of the fire every chance I get. I’m a lib compared to some of what I see out there. I know of whole communities under what I have no other word for but “patriarchs” in their 70s. The strength and commitment of the new daughter and son-in-laws makes me quite envious. And guess what? Every one is debt free. No meddling, just wise counsel and incredible maturity of these young people.

    Children? I think the oldest is up to five now, but they’re only in their mid-30s. This is just one group I know in the South (they are all southern-bred) but this same thing is going on all over the nation. Guess what? It was already happening among other races. But they went after Randy and Vicki Weaver. Vicki is dead, but her blood seeded only a part of a revolution that added to the faultline shift in the depths which I believe created the tsunami we are about to witness. Lon Horiuchi created a martyr and Mommy-Professor promoted him.

    Maybe Shari will agree… Young, never-married men, prepare yourself to run the gauntlet of men in your chosen woman’s family and you will be ready. There’s no such thing as perfection. Even if it never happened, the preparation is priceless.

    Agent Horiuchi

  5. #5 by AFKAN on 05/10/2007 - 7:38 pm

    The Artist Formerly Known As Nobody replies to SysOp:

    I know of an entire Family that has made the decision to leave a section of America – or what America has become – and will move BACK to their old family homestead, the ones their Ancestors left during the First Great Depression.

    They are building – actually, rebuilding on the only Family farm site – with an eye to self-sufficiency, home schooling, DEEP integration into the community based around the Church, and a real emphasis on skill development.

    Their America is pretty much gone, work is either gone, or is going away, and they are basing everything around the foundation of Family, RACE as the Living Bridge between Family and Culture, and Culture.

    The irony – their EXTENDED Family members in the town are asking if there might be room for them to move up there, as well…

    THIS TIME, everything will be done in the light of ONE QUESTION: “If it good for the Family?”

    If so, then it will be good for the RACE.

    The Patriarch said he had forgotten what it was like to be able to sleep with his keys in the truck, and the only sound you hear is the whistling of the wind through the trees…

    Not a car alarm in fifty miles, and it IS going to stay that way.

  6. #6 by Sys Op on 05/10/2007 - 7:51 pm

    We are speaking precisely the same language. The incoming wives and husbands are signing tough pre-nuptials. If they walk out on their partners… they leave it ALL behind. That does not excuse family members to ANY bad behavior. If the family member walks out… they leave it ALL behind. They will inherit nothing and the covenants over the real estate are amazingly good. Fair and just, but it stays within the family. The most productive are rewarded. The least are cared for, but not rewarded. Hopefully they will have children that will surpass their parents.

    The only families I know personally who are involved in larger extended family groups have had no divorces or any more than common relatonship fusses. Some mid-aged children who thought it all rubbish… they are working themselves back into the fold. They came home beaten up and wiser.

    A few are full-fledged PCers, but they are still in awe of the maturity and IQ level of the young ones being brought up. It must take place everywhere. These groups will emerge as the new leaders when conflict comes.

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