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SysOps, Tsunamis, and STAFF

Posted by Bob on May 6th, 2007 under Coaching Session

SysOp’s piece below adds emphasis to what I have been saying.

Your political expert (Look at ME, dammit!) and your web tech expert are saying the same thing in ENTIRELY different, related areas:

The tide is out of hand and we have to ride with it.

This idea of an ice-cold set of geniuses who are on top of everything AGAINST us gets sillier by the hour.

WE have StevenP keeping a cold eye on the whole picture.

Our admin is right here. SysOps has pronounced him as brilliant on the tech side. I told him not to get a big head about that. She thinks I’M bright, too.

Dave could jump in here and do my writing any time.

SysOps and I are very carefully choosing commenters to give access and power to in these pages, somethng I could not have done if SysOps weren’t here.

I WANTED you to take over more and more, but I didn’t know HOW. Not just the tech side. SysOps is an experienced MANAGER too.

In the United States Senate, a senior staffer can put a whole speech in his boss’s name in the Congressional Record without his boss ever SEEING it. On the House side time is strictly limited so your boss has to find the time for it from the leadership, but senior staff is in much the same position.

You know what saying the wrong thing can to a politician’s career, so you damn well better get it right.

One senator said, “I don’t remember a lot about the speeches I give. I only read them ONCE.”

But every word he speaks when he reads that speech out ONCE in public had better be JUST what HE wants to say, but BETTER, or you’d better get your resume out.

No, contrary to what the Tough and Wise tell you, staff does NOT “run things.” The moment you start to think YOU run things is the beginning of your fifteen-minute count-down to getting a new job.

Reagan, as no one points out, came into the presidency after running what is now the biggest and was then the most complex state in the Union. He worked a forty-hour week. But, unlike with Bush, there was never the slightest question about who was in charge.

You notice that SysOps knows how to check things out with me, even if what she is talkng double Greek to Ole Bob. I don’t want her wasting her time, which is MY time, the hours in her killing personal workload and full life that she can give to US, wasted on translating ALL of this stuff to me. I am the DELEGATOR. If I need a translation of something down to my level, I’ll ASK for it.

NONE of this works the way people like the media THINK it works. They are reporters and news-readers. Every newspaper runs the same stuff in the same pages. Headlines are the same all over. Editors and “professional journalists” come up through the ranks.

In other words, they all come through the same bureaucracy. Which means they all come through the same cookie-cutter. Which means that every day they are still firing brass cannons while nukes are emerging elsewhere.

During my two decades described in Dave II below, I kept hearing people on my side saying, “Good LORD! Look at all those brass cannons! It’s HOPELESS!”

When the Reagan Administration came in, the media was caught with its pants down. They knew the guys at the top, but in the guts of the new administration they knew NOBODY. They were so desperate they put ME on the front page of the New York Times. They were so desperate they had ME on PBS panels and doing PBS editorials!

It took them YEARS to realize I was Hands Off, a Loose Cannon. Anybody inside the conservative movement could have told them that. Which means they knew NOBODY there.

They knew plenty of liberal Democrats, top to bottom.

The media had plenty of contacts in the Ford, moderate Republican Administration, “The votes are in THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!!!” They had ALL the brass cannons. So where the hell did WE come from?

We saw the tsunami, and we RODE it. If you spend your life on the Latest Thing and the News of the Day, tsunamis KILL you.

I did not come up through their ranks. I made my OWN ranks. NEW ranks.

No, I can’t stand up for inspection with my bed so well made that the sergeant can bounce a quarter on it, which was a continuing brag of the Masturbation Generation. But I can outstrategize anybody today who has on a costume that has stars on the shoulders.

I need SENIOR STAFF, not bed-makers. I need SysOps and Brain and Steven P and Dave and Lord Nelson out there figuring out the new stuff.

OF COURSE I left out important people. That’s not the POINT here! I have WEAKNESSES.

That’s why YOU’re here!

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