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Tim: This is How You DO it!

Posted by Bob on May 10th, 2007 under Coaching Session

Another thing I have started to do over the past few months is direct my anger at the Self Hating White people. I try to keep them under a constant state of criticism. I always say “self hating white people” and I keep saying it and poking fun of them. White Nationalist try to ‘convince’ and ‘save’ them. I attack them. Personally and viciously. These particular Asians loved this as well.

Instead of being combative toward non-whites, I am outright hostile toward “SHWPs” (self hating white people). This constant state of criticism can turn the page quickly. Hell, the liberals have successfully done it for years on US. Going from an argumentative state toward SHWP’s to a combative state helps me internally as well. It brings out my righteous hatred, they are the ones that put me on a bus that they would never put their kids on. THEY insulate the “elites” so the SHWP’s make up the ‘class that is guilty of EVERYTHING’. (sorry for sounding like a commie…..but I have actually entered many second and third conversions with liberals well after the initial beating given to them….over these types of statements alone). Anti-racist say they want to beat the white male until he is dead. LOL. Well, I kinda have come around to doing these similar tactics to the SHWP’s. They deserve it.

I would say things like: “self hating white people like you always operate under ‘moral supremacy’. It has to be YOUR version of Human Rights, Democracy, environmental policy… etc.” I have developed a handful of these. Non-Whites LOVE these lines. The Asians could NOT stop nodding their heads in agreement. After all, they are TRUE. The liberals looked totally confused and uncomfortable.

Comment by ONEtribe

  1. #1 by Dave on 05/10/2007 - 4:46 pm

    A moral justification is always offered for betrayal, it’s routine.

    These people are always “for” something and “against” something else. They never seem to come to terms with anything beyond this duality.

    It is the very thing that is condemned by all great religions and a lesson that is endlessly never learned.

    It is a long ways for someone to be confronted with his or her self-interested reasons for betrayal to learning loyalty, and this defines the plight of the white race today.

    The world belongs to those who learn loyalty and white nationalism is nothing, if inside it, the ethic of loyalty is facile.

    Something has to happen to change this. Some sort of reckoning must transpire, a great upping up the ante regarding the consequences of what is professed and believed.

    Keep that in mind when confronting “self-hating white people”.

    The underlying issue is bigger than you think.

  2. #2 by Tim on 05/10/2007 - 7:10 pm



    Thanks for the comment. But I was not trying to do anything BUT shut them up and put them on the defensive. I am NOT interested in saving these fools. There are about 15-20% of White folks we must throw over the cliff. That is just my opinion.

    I know what you mean by this being deeper. How would you go about ‘upping ante’? Any ideals? I just want to neutralize them and ultimately force them out of the picture. What we are looking to do is force tribal loyalty (at least shame nonloyalty). Nature is helping us to some degree and more help will come.

    Tim (ONEtribe)

  3. #3 by Dave on 05/11/2007 - 7:07 am


    The real punishment for the betrayers is that they are forever walled off and it is rare they apprehend that they are wrong.

    Multiculturalism these days is not even given lip service in the professional venues I inhabit where political correctness is passé.

    But as your comment alludes, the criticisms leveled at us by our racial enemies are accurate. That’s why you had those Asians heads nodding in agreement.

    They have no trouble sniffing out the weakness of our current arrangements, and that is the question of the existence of a real cohesiveness, of a solidarity, and genuine loyalty we whites have among ourselves.

    Of course, our loyalty is not to ourselves, but to privilege. I see this directly myself with my own eyes every day. So do our racial enemies.

    The “upping of the ante” and the “reckoning” I referred to in my earlier comment is easy: We will continue to be pressured by the nonwhite avalanche and overwhelmed by the nonwhite multitudes and those among us capable of moral development will begin to learn the lessons of loyalty.

    I have come to realize that I have to let go of my anger that all this is happening even though everyday I get a fresh supply.

    Through my disgust, I try to remember there are many “stray dogs” among us and isn’t it the “tame dogs” you are attacking, those “self-hating whites” that are so facile with their own survival?

    Let them wallow on the ground with a broken nose gasping through the agony of a bloody fist and see how facile they are, that is where my feelings are headed.

    And I am completely capable of going out and organizing a nigger gang to make it happen. Now, isn’t that an irony?

    I think it says a lot about our situation and I think you understand completely what I am saying.

  4. #4 by Tim on 05/11/2007 - 7:44 pm


    We are 100% in agreement. I never hesitate to let a SHWP get his head busted. Nor do I complain when Somalis move into Maine (etc). I know ‘mother nature’ works faster than we can! My philosophy is ‘worse is better’ and sooner is better!

    I did NOT go in there looking to argue with folks. On a day to day basis, I say nothing out of ordinary. I try to do something positive everyday for OUR tribe. And then once or so at a gathering etc…. I lay someone wide open. I do not get worked up at all anymore. I see our future as being more positive now than ever in my life. And if you could have been on the bus with me and then see all the ‘new found’ racism I see from whites every day—well you would understand.

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