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Posted by Bob on January 27th, 2008 under Comment Responses


I have a question for you or anyone else. An aquaintance of mine showed me a book by some new age writer. It held my attention because he talked about our race.

He basically wrote that whites in deprivation tanks for long periods of time do not have a circadian rhythm that correspond to earth. Our circadian rhythm has a frequency of 24 hours and 40 minutes —which does not correspond to earths rotational period—but mars!!! (He did not say all whites but some or many)

The name for the giza plateau were the pyramid was built —was and is- el-kahira —el-kahir—arabic name for mars.

Interesting info and good too—even if it is false. But I remembered Bob saying that we were probably in the wrong solar system. David Duke says “our destiny is in the stars” (and he says it all the damn time). Putin now announces that Russia is going to Mars and this author my buddy is reading says that Aryans originally colonized Mars.

LOL…Is someone holding out on me? Fess up?!??!

(By the way, before you get on my case for this post. Understand that –if this is fantasy b.s.—this is the type of fantasy b.s.—that is “race based fantasy” and it is the best type for young whites IMO. It blasts through and answers the only Aryan question that counts for us….IS LIFE WORTH LIVING ….and it gives it a resounding YES. Race based fantasy has always helped me. Look at the reaction of young whites to Lord of the Rings.)

  1. #1 by Pain on 01/27/2008 - 8:45 pm


    Imagination does best with discipline.

    What I mean is that your instincts are right, but you still have to hold up the egg in the sunlight and turn it around.

    Sometimes it’s a bad egg; sometimes it’s Styrofoam and spray-paint.

    But when you are lucky, part of it is good.

    Before 1482, when Bristolmen sailed the ocean blue, the “world” was only Eurasia and Africa.

    Thereafter, the New World the Bristolmen uncovered for the Old World stretched our horizons. Now physicists tell us that the world is far greater than even our whole planet.

    I think many of us have noticed that about the circadian rhythm when we took summers off: if you turn off the alarm clock, you will wake up a little later each day. And supposing if we are from a planet that takes a little longer to spin, it may have been bigger, and so we would be naturally more muscular to match the stronger gravity. (Or supposing if we were from Mars, we would be scrawnier.)

    Or not.

    Supposing if we came from somewhere else, how did we get here? Well, it is not well-known, but the Norse had words for interdimensional portals and hole-paths. In the old stories, these were not just some vision in the mind, but they could move solid, physical objects and people.

    That may be just legend, but it is odd that the words match physicists’ predictions of wormholes.

    But as for identifying the world which we suppose we may have come from, how could anyone know, yet?

    The websites and science fiction that talk about this are fun to read, but when you told them up to daylight and turn them around, most of it, maybe all of it, is Styrofoam and spray-paint.

    This is how the topic fits with the race-problem. There would be two outcomes right now:

    (1) Someone makes a discovery about a worm-hole or a warp-drive and stumbles upon a new world. He announces that to our whole world, and a billion people leave, including a sea of niggas and chinks. So the new world becomes worse than our own.

    (2) Someone makes a discovery about a worm-hole or a warp-drive and stumbles upon a new world. He keeps it secret, and takes only a few worthies. Thus you and I would never know about it till the next genius repeats the discovery and we by accident are invited.

    It should be clear that the real issue remains for us to solve the race problem now.

    If speculative physics gives us an escape, speculative biology would have the solution.

    Here’s an example for the simplest solution.

    Willis Carto’s magazine every once in a while runs an article on an evil North Korean scientist who wants to kill all white people. He steals white genetic technology and releases a deadly virus that attacks and kills all and only white people.

    Now at the same time, the simple racial solution for us would be for a genius geneticist to do something like that imaginary North Korean: to release a virus that targets everyone but whites and sterilizes them painlessly.

    Now here’s where holding up the egg to the light comes in. I doubt there is any such evil scientist in North Korea. There obviously is no white counterpart, either.

    So talking about it may be fun, but it doesn’t solve any problems.

    The only good that could come of it would be the very unlikely chance that a white-loving genius geneticist read this blog and got some ideas.

    For now, there’s the Mantra and Mantra-thinking.

    Remember: New Age and science fiction sites may be fun to read sometimes, but 99.99% of that is worthless. Be suspicious of anyone who is supposing, but who takes himself seriously — like the Heaven’s Gate people.

  2. #2 by backbaygrouch4 on 01/28/2008 - 12:53 am

    This is without a proper footnote. Years back I read that long term submariners have a significantly shorter life span as shown by naval pension records. It caught my ey because an elder brother, still alive, was such an individual. The reason given was that subs run on an eighteen hour cycle which is turned into a 24 hour cycle when not on duty. The consequence of this back and forth was felt to greatly disturb the body’s rhythm more than the unnatural 18 hour cycle. Of course the Navy has an interest in downplaying whether the 18 hour cycle itself was unhealthy as opposed to the oscillation between the two a couple of times annually.

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