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Posted by Bob on January 27th, 2008 under Coaching Session, History

Nobody seems to remember the dozen or so times I have gone over the future of American politics.

1) Despite all the denials, American politics will become more and more obviously racial. No one presently is ready for this development. It is hard to believe that the serious difference in 1848 was between the Whigs and the Democrats. Twenty years later it was hard for anyone to remember what “Whig” MEANT.

2) Today we have Republican-Democrat, left-right politics. It is two-sided. The dynamics of multi-sided politics is ENTIRELY different from that of two-sided politics.

In 1848 the party concerned about the extension of slavery got 1% of the vote. In 1860 there were four strong parties, and this was the ONLY issue. In that situation the 40% Republican vote was a clinching majority.

3) In a split between races, the whites will have a commanding lead. They will have to deal with other groups as the most powerful minority. That is a different dynamic from the one we are used to.

In 1860 free soil Republicans joined with free-soil Democrats. In 1864 Lincoln ran on a Grand Union ticket with a Democratic running mate, Andrew Johnson. After the Civil War, Republicans effectively destroyed the Democrats by reusing to let Southern Democrats back into congress.

With the Reconstruction amendments rammed through Republicans held two-thirds of the Senate. But in 1868 and 1876 they had a majority of voters, even excluding Southerners, against them. But they elected Grant in 1868 and began an absolute rule.

There were less ruthless Northern Republicans like Horace Greeley who tried to modify the Radical Republicans program. But ALL of the two-thirds of the Senate in 1867-1868 remained RADICAL. The fourteenth and fifteenth amendments got through on a knife edge. If the Radical Republicans had allowed any neo-Republican input, they would have lost.

After the Reagan Republicans got a solid majority by uniting the Wallace Democrats and conservatives in 180, t5hey blubbered their advantage away by allowing neoconservatives to take over.

In 1994 Republicans went hard right again and took over congress. They blubbered that away, too.

A Whitaker way of stating the difference between Radical Republicans in 1868 and conservative Republicans in 1980 and 1994 boils down to this:

To have a revolution, you must be a revolutionary. In REVOLUTIONARY TIMES, as any study of any revolution will teach you, those who allow no neos to run things take over.

I said that Obamas would rise long before Obama became a factor. I am a practical political adviser, not a prophet. AN Obama had to come along. There will be more of them.

But we must stick to the basic realities. Today politics avoids the real and growing racial split just as the major parties ignored the slavery expansion issue in 1848. But we can see the old coalition between liberals and their Faithful Colored Companions is breaking down.

We must aim for a new political configuration, a RACIAL electorate. Obama today sounds exactly like the Republicans did in 1860. But my predictions are marching right along. I am DEEPLY disappointed that no one in BUGS noticed that.

In a time like ours, the old thinking, non-racial thinking in this case, is breaking down.

This is why I abandoned my little place in the present system. I am trying to get people on our side thinking in terms of the real developing situation instead of mooning over whether “All is lost!” or torchlight Victory parades.

I kept predicting the racial divide, and trying to get you to thinking in terms of the RACIAL split. Whites do not want the racial split. They want to go back to when all the others were minorities and the system was theirs to preside over. Whites would balance the minorities, bargain with minorities, and the white elite would rule.

But the white elitists, in this case the Clintons, are losing out in this battle. Things are moving the sway I said they would.

Yes, after the nominations, liberals will appear to unite and what happened this week will be forgotten. But the trend is a RACIAL split.

  1. #1 by backbaygrouch4 on 01/28/2008 - 1:38 am

    The Obama candidacy is creating White awareness which must precede White solidarity. The jewish media is hyping the inclusiveness of his appeal, but the practitioners, the Clintons, are singing a different tune. A respectable conservative condemns the Billary bile, but the practical conservative smiles quietly and lets them do his dirty work. But the danger is that the Clintons are not really conservatives. They hope to be Trojan horses, a la the neocons. They must be rejected while their tactics must be accepted. Their only function should be to be disposable third party tools. (By third party I do not refer to a political organization, but to a useful idiot, one who advances your cause while thinking otherwise or a covert agent.)

    Not since St. Paul has anyone taken the road to Damascus. All converts are fifth columnists. Think neocons. By treating them as pariahs, White solidarity will be enhanced by creating a penalty for race treason. Fear enhances solidarity as well as devotion. A draft is implemented when recruitment falls off. But with a good officer corps in place you still get a functioning army however reluctant the troops. Think W.W.II, Most of those guys did not want to go. The country was isolationist. It did not become internationalist until tens of millions were systematically brainwashed in boot camp and a ruthlessly controlled press worked over the civilian population. Open-mindedness and freedom did not get us to our present predicament as much as the phalanx mentality of our opponents. It should be emulated.

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