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Tiger’s Attitude

With friends like Tiger Woods, PC doesn’t need people like me.

“The Babe Ruth of Golf” was shown with his blond Scandinavian wife as often as possible. He was even as tall as she was. Here was a True Love Match “which happened to be interracial” or, as Hannity puts it, “two Children of God.”

Then the black guy got too horny and decided he had to have a blond mistress, too.

But I REALLY couldn’t believe it when a female commentator on CNN said that this was the “usual problem with successful black athletes, they have to get themselves a blond, trophy wife.” I could not believe that the moderator didn’t explode into blood and guts right there.

The guy’s commentarial was a really novel thought. He said, “It has nothing to do with race!” Gosh, THERE’S a novel line! But this time it notably lacked the Required Rage.

When he had the wreck out with his blond mistress, Tiger instantly offered his wife what all black guys offer their white women: Money and lots of it. He offered her millions above their pre-nup, which already made her a millionairess, not to divorce him. There hasn’t been a less True Love couple “who happened to be of different races” since OJ.

Tiger’s father determined to have nothing to do with black women but in his time all he could get was an Oriental woman. Black men on television will say that they don’t date black women. This is a brag.

It pisses some black women off, but I have yet to see those “precious feelings” be of the slightest concern to Women’s Lib or any other part of PC. So the black guy sits there and talks black to black women about black women in a way that no white would be allowed to talk for one minute.

But I don’t think the Thought Police reacted properly this time. The white woman who said this was a habit of successful black athletes should have been instantly called down and suppressed if the priests of the PC faith were going at full throttle.

The problem is that the media don’t know how to react when someone is as honest as Tiger Woods. His father made it clear that they were trying to breed the n****** out of them. Tiger was no less honest about it: he bought himself as unNegroid a wife as he could find on the market.

The script calls for the WHITE WOMAN to say it’s all True Love. Black male are often OPENLY proud they got a white woman. PC is in the position Doublethink often puts one in: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” so they assume that a black male who marries a white woman, this doing the one thing most important to PC. That that black male is their friend.

But PC and the black male have absolutely different reasons for their actions. The PC priesthood wants to show it is EASY for a black man to get a white woman, that it is no different from any other match.

This is a great deal like telling blacks in new white Mercedes that it is EASY to get a Mercedes. From the propaganda natural to the PC priesthood, Tiger’s ability to buy himself a brand-new Scandinavian beauty queen wife was only True Love. They were ASTONISHED, astonished to the point of letting the Thought Police miss some open heresy, when his first act was put the lie to that.

How could Tiger have betrayed PC by making, as his first move, an offer of MILLIONS of Dollars to his trophy wife? Because Tiger does not think like they do. It never OCCURRED to him to push the idea that ANY black man could buy something like that.

Tiger can do this because he is a huge success. He can have a white wife, he can buy a Mercedes.

If his Mercedes gets destroyed, Tiger will get it fixed because he has the money. If the Trophy Wife he bought might leave him, he puts up money. Black males simply do not think in terms of PC orthodoxy.

Like the Bourbons, the PC priesthood forgets nothing and learns nothing. Which is the reason that today most people don’t know who “the Bourbons.” were.