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Pro-White or Pro-Genocide?

I was VERY happy to hear that from Horus. You don’t necessarily have to say WHITE genocide if you get where you ought to.

If you are easily offended I am NOT the advisor you need. I was the 180 opposite of professors. I got paid for advice that WORKED, not advice that FITTED. If you had said Whitaker and yes man in the same breath, a large part of Capitol Hill would have laughed themselves breathless.

I didn’t spare the egos of those who paid me money so I won’t spare yours. If my implied criticism isn’t really relevant to you, ignore it in those cases the way my bosses did. What I am leading up to here is my repeated suspicion that however rationally it STARTS; making things easier on you is always something to be LOOKED at.

Let me hasten to repeat what one German philosopher said truly: “If we talked to others the way we talk to ourselves, we would be sadists.” He was talking about an instrument of torture called the Aryan conscience.

If what I say is not relevant, pretend you have more to do than worry about it. As I said, I tortured myself far too much. So BALANCE. If you are human, you will go after yourself too much sometimes and let yourself slip into bad habits by going too easy. And, as commenters point, there is that element of bullying.

You go after yourself when you are at your weakest, just like everybody else does. When you are depressed or tired and defensive, you go on the self-torture bit. When you are on a roll you let yourself go.

We are sadists and bullies to OURSELVES and THAT we could use a look at.

You can’t do much about other bullies, but you CAN stop yourself from being one, attacking you when you’re down. Like the Trappists, it is such a total violation of the Golden Rule that we don’t SEE it. We feel a little like we are making up for all that imagined guilt and failure that crowds in on us when we are DOWN.

And above all, that is when it is EASIEST to kick ourselves.

Being an Aryan is good for the world, but no way is it necessarily fun.

It is probably because the Mantra is so personal to me. IT is HARD WORK to find a way to get that simple message across. I can imagine those who tried to get supply and demand across, and Newton with his gravity, faced the same problem. It is easier to hit and run.

I apply Occam’s Law to people; the simplest explanation you can find is the right one. Occam had a hard time, too. So after many many years of observation and experience with them and getting PAID for it in a very unforgiving environment, I always react the Occam way first. So when you began to talk about hitting and running, my reaction was, “What is wrong with this picture?”

In other words, I am worried about this hitting and running going so far you don’t TRY to get across the Mantra, which is easier. God, is it EVER easier not to try!

But if you do hit on the Mantra, you will often get a reaction you can USE. Off their home turf in Stormfront, anti-whites, and that’s anti-WHITES not “antis” — another piece of costly and convenient laziness– stay off the anti-white rhetoric. They need to get off the deadly point, so they talk about themselves, and how THEY are not anti-white.

But some will tell you that on their home turf, the professors, being cowards, will say out loud they are FOR genocide. That is worth the effort.

But usually they won’t go that far since in most cases you are not in the class subject to open bullying which those cowards go far. As a former professor I can tell you nothing is easier than bullying a class or anybody in it.

PC’s are bullies and cowards. But outside of class, be SURE to call them on it. As soon as they start criticizing whites as an answer to my genocide argument, I say, IMMEDIATELY, “so you are for this genocide and you are justifying it.”

DON’T LET THEM OFF THAT HOOK. “Well why would you justify genocide by saying whites are bad? YOU CAN’T DENY IT AND JUSTIFY IT AT THE SAME TIME. “

The fact is there is genocide going on, a policy aimed, quite openly, at the end of one race. The standard argument about the Evil White Man has no relevance at all. Denying genocide and justifying it are 180 degree opposites. All than rhetoric justifies the concentrate on our race. But it shows you are used to justifying it rather than denying it.

Stay on message.