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Fourteen Words

Why is information produced?

The Fourteen Words are now famous. Every documentary I see on Evil Racism includes them. I was trying to remember exactly those fourteen words are and got “Fourteen Words to Racism” and such, but the words themselves were hard to find.

The words are, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

That is GENIUS!

It is all we ask!

Why on earth would THEY push that?

This is inexplicable if THEY are a Conspiracy of Evil Geniuses. The reason that THEY concentrate on the fourteen words is because THEY want to show how reasonable us naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews can sound.

They want people to give them money because we are dangerous because we can sound so reasonable.

If I understand correctly, the man who formulated these fourteen words is now in prison for violence.

The point is that THEY are not at all interested in the fact that a huge part of the audience reading the fourteen words will think they make sense. Unlike the hook-nosed Conspirator Geniuses who are dedicated to Evil the way Satan is, this THEY is only interested in its own CONTRIBUTORS.

That’s a world of difference.

Brian Lamb of C-Span had the general reputation that no one could TELL which side he was on. I don’t know, either. But once he was talking to someone who was denouncing Hate Sites on the Internet, and the example that person produced of Hate was a picture of a couple with a baby with the words, “It is a privilege to be white.”

Brian Lamb, champion neutral of neutrals, said, “But you wouldn’t mind if they were blacks and the words were about being black?” His interviewee responded, “Oh, no.”

It was not a partisan comment. It was an obvious, neutral question. It was also a question no respectable conservative and no one on our side would have asked.


No group of Geniuses Who Rule the World would allow the fourteen words to be repeated, much less put them front and center.

Now for the very, very few people who have an operative frontal lobe and who can understand Brian Lamb’s question, the reason THEY repeat the fourteen words is simple: THEY want contributors to realize that, no matter how reasonable WE sound, we are anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

From the point of view of the International Genius Conspiracy, the fourteen words is a threat to what they are trying to achieve. Meanwhile on Planet Earth, they are a group which makes its living on contributions from frightened old Jews and limousine liberals.

THEY use the me tactic we do to make us look HUGE. You will never see the audience at a racist meeting in a documentary and you will never see the audience in one of our films. Both we and THEY have the same goal: to make us look HUGE.

In our films and in their films you see only the speaker and hear the audience reaction.

I have never heard anyone MENTION this similarity, much less THINK about it, ANALYZE it.

Both sides are fighting on a front that does not exist Each side is raising money.

That means DRAMA.

How much MONEY can one raise pushing the Mantra? Well, I devoted my life to the Mantra AFTER I retired comfortably from decades of fighting Communism and being barely within the limits of respectability.

I have told you that over forty years ago it was taken for granted that I could take down the anti-whites at the University of Virginia in a matter of minutes. Everybody knew I could breach their lines in short order. But no one followed me, and I knew why.

Information is a product. It is there to raise money or to get published. The Mantra is not sexy. The Devil’s Conspiracy is sexy.

For BOTH sides.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, I am fighting for the existence of people who look like me, which is all nature is interested in.