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Stockholm and the Weakest Generation

Posted by Bob on March 20th, 2010 under Coaching Session, Political Correctness

It amuses me how people talk about the Stockholm Syndrome as if it were something new. Twelve million Americans, most of them male before Basic Training, were given the Stockholm Syndrome at government expense, not for hours, but for eight WEEKS.

In the 1960s Abbie Hoffmann and a lot of other New York-type Jews ran the “Radical” groups. When the Chicago Seven were tried they kept yelling at the judge about his being a Goy. But that was less than twenty years after World War II, and the WWII Generation was in charge, and they were unable to handle a guy screaming in their faces.

A black in prison, I think he was in for carjacking, once told me, “Some of these old guys, you yell at them and they’ll suck your ….”

He was more accurate than he knew.

For the WWII Generation all they had to do was scream at them and they went into worship position. No earlier generation of Americans would have let Abbie Hoffman get a sentence out. But almost the entirety of what started out as American males had been taught that a Real Man is made by screaming into his face and MAKING THEM LIKE IT.

The Stockholm Syndrome, which was named long after a whole generation was subjected to it, means that you are held captive by someone who can do anything they want to to you, and your gratitude is overwhelming when they DON’T do something to you.

Every member of the Weakest Generation went to bed at night grateful to his sergeant. They admired their sergeants. They WORSHIPED their sergeants.

Solzhenitsyn talked about how differently women reacted to being called for questioning from the way men did. A lot of women would primp. They would have this MAN trap them alone with them in a room. In short, S&M.

But those were WOMEN he was talking about. This wasn’t any Syndrome, it was just that a lot of women enjoy that kind of treatment from men, as a quick trip to any emergency room will show you. Some men do,, too, I’m sure, but I understand they like WOMEN in leather outfits doing it. I saw one case on Operation Repo.

The guy tied up in Operation Repo asked the repo gang to come join the girl in punishing him. So when you really get into that stuff apparently you can start asking men to join in. The WWII Generation was in a very, very sick environment.

The result was a period in which whoever screamed loudest and insulted them most got whatever they wanted. The magazines had screaming blacks with their mouths wide open on the covers. To get a civil rights act through blacks just had to burn down their own neighborhoods — the cops weren’t emasculated yet — and scream into the ever-ready cameras.

So when I talk about the Weakest Generation, I believe I am telling you what many have asked — “What happened to AMERICANS?” What happened to the people who took the land from the Indians, who whipped their slaves, who did the LYNCHINGS?

How did they go from one extreme to the its S&M worshiping opposite? I watched it happen. It began at a very suspicious time.

When I was less than ten, I always found a lot of the TV shows puzzling. They would have some alien or some Indian — always innocent — being threatened by a shouting mob. Superman or the Cisco Kid or whoever showed them how wrong that was.

I could not imagine a mob of guys like that, even in South Carolina, out in the open yelling for blood the way I later found lynch mobs did in the 1930s. What a difference a few years make! Those mobs were real to the people who wrote the scripts, but not to the kids who watched them. They were as ready to believe in a mob of outraged white men as they were in the ET they threatened.

And for the same reason. There were no outraged white “men” after WWII. So our age began in World War II.

  1. #1 by Dave on 03/20/2010 - 10:12 am

    Nothing in the world makes sense unless you know the truth that God’s purposes are very specific.

    There are no generalities guiding life.

    Only one thing matters, the protection of our people and preservation of our race through descent.

    The “Weakest Generation” does not have the distinction of being the only generation led off into the endless parade of delusion and blindness.

    The moonless winter night is everywhere, darkness so complete you cannot even see your finger in front of your face.

    Only the white race has an authentic heritage and accordingly, an authentic posterity. Only the white race, alone among all races.

    We have only to pick up the power that has been laid at our feet.

    No political movement is required. No war against nonwhites and anti-white whites is required.

    Nothing is required except to pick up the power that God has laid at our feet.

    That alone is more than sufficient. For God’s purposes are God’s purposes. He furnishes what is necessary. There is no penury in God.

    Accordingly, there is no need to mourn a heritage that has been lost. Nothing is missing. Nothing is gone and there is no need to bid farewell, for our heritage has fared well. And the voice of our people is in the rivers, in the winds, and in the seas, not gone, but here, here and now.

    We have only to say “Hello”.

  2. #2 by Wandrin on 03/20/2010 - 11:21 am

    Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  3. #3 by BGLass on 03/20/2010 - 11:56 am

    “Stockholm Syndrome” may be coming up b/c it’s useful to a public trying to defend itself, also. 40 years before announcing it would take over the (with tangential business) 1/3 (not 1/6) of GDP that is health care, a multi-disciplinary assault was made, through various delivery systems to pathologize all Americans. This involved the redefinition of the human subject as a being capable of having untestable diseases that can’t be cured, (as with infiltrated AA “support group” systems); pathologizing ideas were delivered through rehabs and thought reform programs, (some done to teenage kids, years long and abusive to the point that law suits actually saw the light of day, as in NJ, and “implanted memory” cases in the 80s). Simultaneously, the War on Drugs brought the street drugs introduced in the 60s, now under strict control of pharmaceutical companies. In psychology, the DSM board’s cross-over to other industries could coordinate various diagnoses; T.v. shows with shrinks selling the basic pathologizing idea (the victim/disease meme becoming interchangeable) were aired, often across all t.v. channels, so nothing else was available, and so on, in coordinated effort. So, heavy investment has been made in psychologizing, pathologizing the human subject. You must be a Victim, and a Victim is Diseased. Rape crisis centers started teaching women rape results in “pstd,” and trauma requires lifelong care, etc. So, now—articles are surfacing questioning some education as child abuse (eg: does Holocaust education in which food is withheld from students for sensitivity training actually constitute child abuse? Is it causing Stockholm Syndrome in kids?) No people saying they are “fighting the health care bill,” will piece together this simple overall narrative together for the public, not even in the short way I just did— and just SAY IT, so the confused public can question the long-term planning— and incredible stakes. For some, it is about the GDP. For the public, it should be about how they will experience themselves as human beings—endlessly treated diseased victims. Sorry so long. But why doesn’t the “right” ever USE STUFF LIKE THIS? I know, I know, I know.

  4. #4 by BGLass on 03/20/2010 - 12:02 pm

    Just to add: David Mamet’s Edmond is a good watch in regards to this Stockholm Syndrome—- as a frustrated white male commits murder, and does in fact wind up sucking a black man’s… in prison. The white man becomes the black’s “bi*ch.” Couldn’t read the post without thinking of it. Msm response to Mamet is interesting, too, as well as his Jewish-specific works.

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