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Supping in the Outhouse

The quickest answer to the standard first response to race traitor, “But I am white.” is “Benedict Arnold was an American, what’s your point?”

My reply in OV on SF was uncharacteristically personal but just as short:

“It’s called treason, dumbass. It happens all the time.”

The point is to dispense with this and get on to the point.

About 2400 men were engaged in the Battle of King’s Mountain. The only non-American who took part was the “British” commander, Ferguson. The battle was between American Whigs and American Tories.

The battle was fought over whether the 1200 Whigs or the 1200 Tories were traitors.

Nobody bragged that he was destroying his own country.

To me, as to any decent white man, seeing treason bragged about is like seeing someone go to the outhouse to eat dinner. How WOULD you view a person who had his meals in the outhouse?

Would you actually ARGUE with him?