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The Irish Texans

It hasn’t been long in historical terms since Ireland was the Poor Man of Northern Europe. The Irish considered not only England, but even LIVERPOOL, as paved with gold.

Others may not mention this historical fact, but the Irish are very, very aware of their own recent history.

So while the fact went unnoticed in the rest of the world, per capita income in Ireland is now higher than English per capita income for the first time in known history.

Nor have the Irish kept this to themselves as a secret. The English are considered to be very reserved. Those of the Land of the Blarney Stone are less reserved. They have a tendency to treat reservation somewhat less seriously than the English.

In fact, people from the Emerald Isle are more like Texans.

So the fact that Ireland is now richer than England has been ignored in Ireland the way Texans ignore their oil wells.

So why is this flip flop not something the rest of the world proclaims?

One major reason for this silence underlies the whole discussion of Culture versus Race.

A racial view of the world looks upon economics as an effect, not a cause. People do not invest in Mexico because Mexico is the product of Mexicans. That is a point of view that is absolute heresy today.

It is also true.

It is assumed that China, like Japan, will eventually approach a Western standard of production. It is not assumed Haiti ever will. It hasn’t been that long since China and Japan were on a par with Haiti. Asia was assumed to be a desperately poor place.

While Japan and Germany were performing economic miracles after WWII, China and Eastern Europe stagnated while sending out reports of economic growth under Five Year Plans that dwarfed those of Japan and Western Europe.

Those economic reports were a major part of public dialogue in the 1960s. If you looked up a country in the World Almanac, the reported per capita income was part of it. Communist countries were catching up with the United States.

But in the end, everything came out as we would have predicted, as I did predict. Once rid of the democratic socialism Mommy Professor advocated, India became a net EXPORTER of wheat. Without Communism, the relatively small population of Japan vastly out produced a billion Chinese.

The rule is that Orientals can copy and equal the West. White countries without Communism will naturally rise to be like other white countries.

This is an assumption that is as deep in our thinking as is the Mantra, and is never mentioned for the same reason.

If China were black, the expectations everybody has of it now that it is going into the market system would not be what they are. A billion Africans are going nowhere. A billion Chinese are assumed to be going far.

Nobody mentions that, just as no one mentions that all this “melting pot” crap only applies to white countries.

The fact that Ireland has achieved its economic status as a white country surprises nobody.

But it is also MENTIONED by nobody.

Except the Irish themselves.