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Christian History and Marxist “Scientific History”

It is hard to find any genuine facts about the time of St.Paul, because Christian, Jewish, Moslem and Marxist theologians have all built their separate edifices on their own version of history a hundred years each way from when Paul lived.

For anyone to point out that St. Paul and the earlier Philistines of Israel were repeating doctrines from a degenerate version of the Zoroastrian faith would get you executed in Medieval Europe.

It would also get you executed in Stalin’s Russia.

The whole basis of Marxism (political correctness) is what Marxists call Marx’s Science of History. Marx’s Science of History is rooted in history as it was in the Victorian Age in which he lived. Any discussion of real history, like that of Zoroastrianism, questions not only the Old Testament, but history according to Marxism as well.

Any discussion of the actual influence on the actual religion of Iran which was critical over a two thousand year period is punished as heresy by all four religious sects.

I was watching a documentary where it was declared that the Jews were the ONLY people who banned graven images. Actually, Zoroastrians banned images of God (Ahura Mazda) and burned Greek temples for their idols while Jews were still a multi-theistic desert tribe.

Why is this information produced?

Why is the fact, that is well known, that Persians burned Greek Temples in the time when Athens was new because they had images of their gods in them, never mentioned in this documentary made by professional historians?

The fact is that many, many historical facts are OPENLY ignored when they are not convenient. The gray buildings portrayed in the historical “Gladiators” film, which was praised for its “realism” by historians, is one obvious example.

In another series much lauded by historians, “I, Claudius” showed the Emperor Augustus in a garden filled with gray statues that would have looked to anyone in his time like a yard full of broken-down cars in white trash areas.

There is nothing subtle about this.

This could all be dismissed as detail, if it were not that the whole basis of politically correct, Marxist, history is seriously called scientific because it is based on this view of the past. We are outlawing people who dare to discuss any realistic discoveries about the basis of our society!