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The Silent Treatment

Posted by Bob on May 25th, 2011 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses

About the time we developed speech, older men began to be asked to explain things.

The old men were more and more worthless as they aged for hunting or any of the practical things. They found that they became indispensable as they began to EXPLAIN things.

And nobody Googled them.

Why is this information produced?

The old men began to pour out explanations. They could name the gods from whose spittle the universe got its beginning. They could give you the True Explanation for everything.

Any old man who said “I don’t know” was risking his reason for existence. The moment anyone asked a basic Whitakerism: “Why was this information produced?” one has a whole world view of intellectual history.

History makes it very complicated. The first old men asked these questions evolved into shamans, priests, philosophers, Intellectuals, Authorities, and Mommy Professors. One thing we become aware of is that the Truth of today will not be Truth of tomorrow. But the explanation, as usual with Whitakerisms, is so basic and simple that no one dwells on it.

Least of all the shamans, priests, philosophers, Intellectuals, Authorities and Mommy Professors.

This information is produced for different markets in each generation. And each generation is absolutely convinced that Truth has been EVOLVING to the Ultimate Truth.

Which means the Truth you have now. In every generation, people use the term “modern thought” without the slightest idea how ridiculous that makes them.

And this is where we are stuck until we question the process itself.

But the moment you SEE the process for what it is, you begin to laugh out loud when someone says “modern thought.” Where do you BEGIN to contradict someone who says “The sky is purple?”

People will openly express rage at your “questioning their most deeply held beliefs.” But if questioning their most deeply held beliefs is offensive, a Whitakerism is declaring those “modern” beliefs to be totally absurd.

Whitakerisms make you very unpopular. One is making it clear that what people call “Their most deeply held beliefs” are actually as silly as the population in The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

No one is comfortable around you. You have totally abandoned the usual discussion of Both Sides, even radicals on Both Sides, all of whom think and talk about their “sides” on modern thought that is presently being discussed.

So Creator in Iceland is getting the Silent Treatment.

Get used to it.

  1. #1 by BGLass on 05/25/2011 - 8:49 am

    “…One is making it clear that what people call “Their most deeply held beliefs” are actually as silly as the population in The Emperor’s New Clothes…”

    another thing about ‘identity politics’ (where erasing white identity was made vogue, like in colleges, to question the “underlying assumptions” about whiteness) –does white even exist? are they all murderers? what is the essence of their “privilege”? is that it has produced very empty people who do not know who they are, where their loyalties lie, who their people are, how they got to the country, their own history, the country’s history, any facts at all, etc., etc.

    on one date, a well-educated guy told he was “very political” and “for gay marriage.” I asked him how many gays even existed in the u.s., married or not, and he guessed (after refusing to do so for awhile, out of embarrassment b/c he was being exposed as an idiot) 500 million, a higher # than there are even people in the u.s.

    There was no silent treatment, though; instead, he followed me around like a puppy, saying there was just something different and wild about me. Guess that’s how one becomes a shaman, lol.

    Exposing the gutted-emptiness left by educations can piss people off. Also tap into the negative conditioning, the area in them that senses they are lacking in some more substantial way of being. Illustrating they can answer no questions at all, not really, about the cherished beliefs, then how easy it is to manipulate them, when they are, essentially, non-people, can subconsciously get them interested also.

    Nothing motivates some people more than feeling they lack something that somebody else has. The tone of assuming the position and being ‘so way past it all’ attracts people.

    Obviously, it can be a great deficit to be born on the “right side of history,” as the person would not be positioned AT ALL to see “both sides” of the story.

    It would create blind spots big enough to drive trucks through.

  2. #2 by Dave on 05/25/2011 - 11:47 am

    The ability to accurately assess, to get closer to reality is also technology.

    It is a form of real capital and real capital creates the future.

    The fact that it exists is all that matters. The circumstances for its deployment shall be present in due course. The “silent treatment” is irrelevant.

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