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Mantra Thinking Cuts Out the Clutter

Bill Maher was on the Comedy Channel interviewing the star of the movie about Che Guevara.

The star of the movie was there, a young guy who didn’t claim to know anything about politics. He was there to promote his movie and make money.

Bill Maher said, “You know that Communism is not a viable system?”

The movie’s star just grinned. But he was in a bad situation. The movie was made by people who saw The Revolution as an Adventure and watched by people who took it seriously. So Maher kept on trying to sound intellectual and the guy playing Che Guevara grinned and evaded.

Obviously a lot of people think there was some kind of dialogue going on here. The Mantra Mind sees two guys playing their roles without making a single point.
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If you are to be effective in fighting an evil, you learn about it, you assess it, and you see it clearly.

As a leftist, Maher cannot dismiss Communism. So instead of pointing out that that system had to kill people who tried to escape from it, he uses “viable.”

Actually, Communism is SILLY. A bunch of people who call themselves Intellectuals decide they should run every facet of society, that they should decide what consumers want. If you put it that way, Communism is just plain silly.

But when you bring in words like “viable” or “materialistic,” the argument makes you look good, makes it look like you might be one of those Intellectuals yourself.

We deal with the same problem debating White Genocide. If you want to be an Intellectual so badly that you hate anybody pointing out the simple fact that the goal has always been to get rid of the white race, it is because you share Mayer’s aching desire to be seen as an intellectual.

When one deals professionally with mental illness, he must see giant gap between a person who just needs listening to and a person who is wholly delusional. One rule is that you NEVER enter into the patient’s delusion.
But when you use words like “viable” on a straitjacket case like a person who fancies himself to be a Marxist Intellectual, you are as delusional as he is.

You are not the doctor treating the patient. You are two straitjacket cases babbling at each other.