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My Hatred is for TRAITORS!

“Hate,” like “gay,” is no longer a word.  Those words have been appropriated by Political Correctness.

“Hatred” is more correct, anyway.

To my world view, the ravening hatred of Jews is puzzling.    In fact, rabid anti-Semitism puzzles me because, in today’s parlance, my outlook is so anti-Semitic it keeps me from being rabid about it.

I take it for granted that a person who calls himself a Jew will try to undermine every other identity.

Likewise, every kind of Wordist will try to destroy anything I am loyal to.

These are my  “Givens.”

To Political Correctness my routine “Givens” are so roaringly anti-Semitic, anti-Christian and all the rest that what confuses attackers is that I am so calm about it.Image Hosted by

But if there is such a thing as a Traditional Western Value, it is my point of view.   Long before Christianity brought in sterility, starving oneself, whipping oneself and burning dissenters alive as post-pagan morality, songs were sung of men who died around their leader rather than surrender.

In our gut is still the concept that loyalty is the highest virtue, and treason, the greatest sin.

It is not just that Dante assigned the Tenth and worst part of Hell to Traitors, it is also that no one in his time QUESTIONED it.   Of all the sins you and I have heard denounced from the pulpit, sex, Intolerance, the death penalty, greed, perversion, treason is simply not one of them.

Yet when Dante RESERVED the worst eternal punishment for traitors, and only traitors, it was so deep a value that no one questioned it.

No, I am simply incapable of hating a Jew or a non-white the way I hate a white traitor.

That is in my blood.