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White Nationalist or Pro-White?

I am not attacking the term “white nationalist” the way anti-Mantra pro-whites (AMPWs) attack the Mantra. If it describes your position, it is the term you are, in my opinion, welcome to use.

What I AM saying is that it is not the optimal germ for BUGS.

Someone in our seminar said that white nationalism is one of our subordinate themes.

This is the type of statement only a seminar, a real seminar, a group of pros who have outgrown any college education, could address.

The image of white nationalism is sort of Amish. Our racial survival will depend on a tiny community somewhere in the most inaccessible part of the cold northwest.
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The image is tiny and recalls a string of two-trailer White Communities that have died out over the years.

One proposal I remember was for a real planned community, upper middle income, but it vanished without a trace or one brick laid on top of another.

A white community is also illegal.


O’Reilly stated, “There is no room for an all-white community anywhere in America.” Even if there were a success, it would be brought down with respectable conservatives leading the charge.

Secondly, I warn you constantly that people who build the future on the past are not only always wrong, they look ridiculous in just a decade or two.

MOST IMPORTANT, every time you use white nationalist is an instance where you do NOT use “pro-white.”

Anti-whites have long since made white nationalist a polite synonym for anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews, for racist, for white supremacist. More important, the opposite of a white nationalist is simply a universalist.

The opposite of pro-white is anti-white, and that, ladies and jerks, is the reality.

White nationalism simply has no reality. That may be the form our racial survival takes.

But when, not if, people begin to pick their children’s genes we can have an enormous percentage of white children. Throughout history, societies that have already gone brown and down for good WORSHIP the Aryans of the previous age.

In my opinion, anti-whites are preparing to outlaw any racial preference in children just as they have outlawed white communities EVERYWHERE.

Keeping race selection acceptable means keeping White Genocide front and center. This is critical. We must keep the pressure on them not to be anti-white.

BOTTOM LINE: Anti-white and White Genocide are the two terms anti-whites have not been able to tame.

It is not accidental that the SPLC banned all argument from all of us but me from commenting on its article. It is even less debatable that they WELCOMED a LONG comment from a “white nationalist” who denounced the Mantra.

No one but me seems to have noticed this, but it doesn’t take a genius to know what it MEANS.

White Nationalist is OK with the anti-whites.

So why should WE use it?