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An Inquisition Tactic Ended Open Resistance to Integration


Apparently Dr. Duke said that resistance to integration ended with that church bombing.

That is not true and Dave knows it isn’t, so why was this information produced?    It nice and emotional, which might have fit his bill at the moment he said it, or more likely it was a warning against violence to his audience.

Back in the real world the real reason Southern “leaders” switched sides on integration was the provision in the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 that Federal money would be denied to any school district which was not “doing its best” in my wording, to proceed with integration.Image Hosted by

With passage of that bill, any statement against integration by any public official could and would be used in evidence against every school district in their area of representation.

Under the Inquisition, in Soviet Russia and under today’s Hate Speech Laws in Germany,  if the defendant lost the case, any of his lawyers who object to the verdict or declared doubtful any of the facts used in the case is subject to arrest and a prescribed minimum prison term.

Once a subject has been determined, in the Inquisition and in any totalitarian society, all argument is a crime.

Before you say this is theoretical, let me point out, and try to remember, that a number of witnesses in modern democratic Germany have been given prison sentences for testimony they gave in good faith in court.

I remember a case in which a Frenchman was crying and screaming on the stand because the prosecution was threatening to send him to prison then and there if he did not testify the way he had to.

David, whatever his intentions, is helping the Silence cover outright realities that ought to shame even anti-whites.   Nothing will shame a respectable conservative.

Learn to ignore misinformation, no matter how benignly offered.