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“The Anti-Whites’ Only Answer is Their Screams”

Sometimes the scream is in a normal voice, but it is still a scream.

Anti-whites expect an entire race to disappear from the face of the earth without even mentioning, not even whispering about it.

Every country in the Western country is setting a date when the white race will become a minority.   Non-whites call in to talk shows and rave about how great it is.

But any white person who mentions it gets the word “racist!” shouted at him.

“Diversity” is shouted at him.

“Nazi” is shouted at him.

Other standard labels are thrown at him.Image Hosted by

There can be no discussion.

He is told 1) There is no such thing as the white race, and then he is told that the white race owes the rest of the world reparations.

Anyone who points this contradiction out is called a racist, a Nazi, an Enemy of Diversity.

In short, they are shouted down.

Every news reports uses the word “racist” this way, to condemn any dissent, any protest , any DISCUSSION.

We all KNOW this.

Isn’t it time we MENTIONED it?

Every time someone throws in one of those labels, you could try some version of the above as a reply.

REMINDER:  I prefer reports on what you have TRIED to what you are theorizing.