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Posted by Bob on May 29th, 2006 under Comment Responses

Somebody mentioned that Eastwood is beneath contempt.

I was corresponding with somone in med school who spent his days being sick.

He had rotting corpse parts put in his hand on a regular basis.

I used to get sick thinking of formaldehyded frogs.

A medical professional can autopsy a three-day-old corpse, go to lunch and get back to work.

If a fellow worker said to him, “This thing really STINKS,” he would mark the commenter down for treatment.

If you are a sewer worker, knee deep in the slime, what would you do it someone cried out, “I can’t BELIEVE it! Right over there there is a piece of **** floating in the water!”

I probably don’t really appreciate the outrage of Conspiracy Theorists because I have been knee deep in this sewer so LONG.

When Clint Eastwood took over on Wagon Train the first Heroie Negro was part of his ensemble.

His first major film, a semi-horror flop, featured his very black buddy with a blond girl who said, “I’ve got my MAN.”

Troy Donahue was always getting pictures taken dancing with his very black girlfriend.

Her Glorious Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had pictures taken showing her dancing with the new president of Ghana, whoever the hell he was.

I spent my entire career in that sewer.

So you finally figured out that what is floating down the river Her Majesty lives in is is a piece of ****.

That’s a good start.

But don’t announce it to me like it’s a new release.

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  1. #1 by Shari on 05/30/2006 - 10:27 am

    It really is amazing how we haven’t noticed for so long. I guess it’s because we have and are paying attention to so many other things. I’m half heartedly going to my prayer group in a little while.. These women should be my friends, but they are not really. They are thinking that the davinci code is worth being appalled at. They need a news release. Sorry, I don’t know what really to comment on.

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