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I just got a PM from one of our comrades who runs

He offered to put whatever I want to send him on that website.

As I said, a comrade has only to send me a website to have it advertised here. Anybody who fights for the saving of my race gets space here.

On a less exalted level, he has come up with a really cute gimmick:

If you move your cursor around, the words “taking a stand” chases it around, flapping bhind it like a piece of cloth.

That’s fun.

It is also good work.

Fun is an excellent strategy.


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Tim says:

Speaking of Publishing and Media. Over the past month I have been watching tv. I do not normally watch tv except for the news. The reasons should be obvious to all who read this blog. I prefer to spend my spare time on the internet.

However over the past month things have changed. Now as I surf the web I am watching TV. But not American tv or European TV. I am watching South American TV. I would say Mexican –but I can’t tell. I do not speak Spanish. I am fascinated with my new Cable providers Spanish speaking channels. It is the WHITEST TV I have ever seen. Everyone is White. Not just white —but WHITE. Blond Hair, blue eyes etc. I have yet to see a black person on this particular Spanish Network.

I don’t like non-white Mexicans or South Americans in my country. They have a countries of their own. However, I would love to shove Hollywood South of the Border and import their White TV channel programmers and teach them English. Even the slightly ‘tinted’ South American looking folks on this TV station try to look and act white. A handful have died hair and everything. LOL. And the Mexicans CALL US RACIST! I have a new found respect for TV south of the border.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson want this GREAT Alliance with the Mexicans!! HEHEHEHEH. They should have done their homework and watched Spanish speaking TV before they started yapping.

Comment by Tim


I had not thought of this before Tim piped up.

I spent a lot of time in Latin America, and I DID watch TV, and not always the news.

They have a tendency down there to feature wildly well-built women in bikinis and high heels. That gives me a feeling of spirituality.

I was so deeply consumed by this spirituality that I missed the point you made.

There weren’t any blacks on news shows. The reporters were as white as President Fox of Mexico. Talk shows were conducted by blond women.

As I said before, Baywatch was instantly the most popular show ON EARTH. It was about as Nordic as a show can get, but somehow the countries liberals say are multiracial and lost in admiration of racial mixing glued their eyes on the screen and couldn’t get them off.

In the real world all the PC theories are just plain silly.




Antonio comments on the growing New York City provincialism of publishing:

And it shows. Look in the window of any NYC bookstore and you see rows of books authored by Oprah, Maya Angelou, some Neocon scholar, and of course the latest interacial lesbian romance.

Hey, maybe that’s why the busiest bookstore in New York is The Strand! Ten dusty miles of used books that people actually want to read. When people would rather buy your industry’s 40 year old products than this year’s model, it’s time to admit the undertaker is at the door.

Comment by Antonio Fini


I saw a cartoon years ago, of all places, in the NEW YORKER MAGAZINE, that showed someone at a word processor saying something like “Uncle Bill is working on a book for X, John is doing a series of articles for Y, Jane is doing … ”

It was an inside joke on something everybody knew, that publishing was inbred and getting inbreder.

They were going to do a sequel to “Gone With the Wind” that millions were anxious for. Finally they put it in Ireland because they simply could not allow any of hte Poltical Correctness of the original book.

Oddly enough, a sequel that had nothing to do with the original book was not very popular.

So Antonio tells me that the biggest market is for books that are out-of-date.

Like GWTW.

What a murderously accurate observation!

Let me say it again: If you aren’t reading the Comments, you aren’t reading the Blog.


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British National Party Breakthrough

I thought Blog readers would like htis update on the British local elections and my poking fun at the whiners:

From the BNP website cited below:

“A total of 233,437 votes (excluding the two disputed wards) was cast in favour of BNP candidates which across the 352 wards gives us an England national average of 18.1%, this is based on the individual candidate’ votes. Please note that in some wards on our list of results up to three councillors were up for election which alters the party’s percentage in those wards.”

The very idea of hte BNP getting 18.1% of the vote may cause some of our “All IS Lost!” members to cut their wrists, so let me say what they would have said.

The BNP contested in promising area, so their receiving 18.1% of the national vote right now is overstated.

The “All is Lost!” crowd can take comfort in believing that every single vote the BNP could possibly receive was in the contested areas.

This will help you ignore the fact that the immovable dominance of the major parties in Britain, even stronger than in the US, has been shaken to its foundations.

And that 18.1% means that 81.9% of Britons are still satisfied with the collapse they see around them.

So don’t commit Supuku yet, whiners. There is still plenty to whine about.

Originally Posted by YearningForFreedom
The BNP site is back up and stocked with fresh information.



Publishing and Western Union

The last Western Untion telegram was sent about a year ago.

I watched it die.

The last time I tried to use a telegram was a generation ago. I needed to reach someone and I kept calling. Then I had the ingeniuos idea that I would pay Western Untion to do the calling for me. So I sent them an intracity telegram.

When I finally did reach him hours later, he had not received the telegram.

You see, Western Union still had the same order of priorities it had had a century before, os under the orders of that precedence, whatever they were, it was hours before my telegram came up.

If the telegram had refelcted my priorities they would have had a whole new market: You pay for the telegram, they do the calling. But Western Union never budged from its century-old priorities. So it died.

Today’s publishing industry is exactly the same.

The history of publishing today is also following the same rut worn by Western Union.

Western Union was terrified when the telephone was invented. It fought desperately to take away Alexaner Graham Bell’s patent. Many of Western Union’s owners and workers believed that, the minute people could use voice, the telegram would disappear. But the telegram lived for another century and a half, so anyone at Western Union (WU) who said they needed to change to deal with the new technology was laughed at as one of hte early panickers.

Another group of panickers who were wrong were in radio. They thought that television would make radio obsolete. Western Union’s stand-patters could point out that radio is still very strong and very commercial.

What WU did NOT recognize was that radio survived by CHANGING. Ther is no comparison today between 1940s radio and modern programming.

Publishing is following the WU route.

Instead of using the new technology to bring out books faster, the delays in publishing are even longer than they used to be.

More important to us, instead of reacting to the heartland appeal of the internet and other new media, publishing is becoming MORE a cottage industry inthe middle of New York City.

As with radio and WU, the new technology that was supposed to destroy it has beena boon to the publishing industry. With the rise of television, more people turned to entertainment in their homes, like radio. With the rise of radio, more people turned to electronic communication, including telegrams.

More people read because of the internet. So, for the time being, publishing can be as stodgy as it wants to be and still survive.

For the time being.

The lesson radio drew from this wa that it could survive by erxp0loiting new markets. The lesson that WU and publishing got from this was that they could stay as they are, even moreso.

In my lifetime, you could still sent an article to a publisher or a book to a publisher and get it looked at. Now they tell all potential authors that they only accept manuscripts from professional agents.

Only established, ie, New York City approve authors need apply.

It was always a lot easier to get published if you lived and socialized in New York City. But since communications got out of that city, publication has become more provincial.

I remember when every television network was based in New York City. The setting of almost every television program, including The Twilight Zone, was in NYC.

Only one industry is still absolutely inbred in NYC and that is publishing.