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Dear Mr. Whitaker,
I will barge in on your discussion.
As for my bonafides,
I have read your books.
However, I do not have the advantage of an “education”.
I work in a small business.
The term “bonafides” may be wrong.
It sounds good though.
While us intelligent whites salve our collective ego’s
with our great brains,
the savages reproduce.
This is my opinion.
Thank you,
Mike Erpelding


Don’t worry about it, but “barge in” is a putdown to me.

If you read this Blog you will find that what is called an “education” is an obstacle to be outgrown.

“The term “bonafides” may be wrong. It sounds good though,”

sounds like something I would write.

Dammit, man, “barge in” some more!




Jerry Whitlock just died.

He was my “almost uncle.”

His family lived next door to where I was born in West Columbia, SC. The rest of my family was raised there, and they were very close to us.

Jerry was a member of the Greatest Generation, so he became a dedicated Southern turncoat in his politics. But he pesonally insisted that the only people he cared about were in the South.

Jerry was more screwed up than I was.

But in my defense, he had a head start:

Jerry was a psycholgy professor.

Jerry became a ruling member of the faculty at the University of Tennessee. He became one of the leading national experts in psychology.

Let me tell you a story. When I was a Special Assistant to the head of the entire national civil service, the head of the whole national testing service was “under” me, meaning that she had to go through me to the policy making head of the civil service, my boss.

It turned out that Arthur Jensen was one of the authorities she, as head of all Federal testing, consulted.

On the other side from Jensen, her top expert for consultation was Professor Jerry Whitlock.

So I asked her to give my greetings to Jensen and to Dr. Whitlock. She didn’t know I knew the latter far, far better.

At that level, at the very top, after all, things were VERY formal.

As I was getting into the elevator one day, she called me, but she was obviously a little undecided.

She said, “I gave Professor Whitlock your greetings, and he said…”

It took her a moment to convey the greetings of the top expert in Industrial Psychology to the Special Assistant to the Director of the Office of Personnel Management, appointed by President Reagan Himself.

But she did manage to finish, “He said, ‘Tell Bobby hey.'”

This was obviously not the sort of communication she was used to repeating between two Big Guys.

Jerry betrayed us. And I loved the man.

Such is the nature of war between brothers.


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The Return of the Killer Shari (Eat Your Heart Out, LibAnon!)

I remember hearing a fundamentalist preacher on the radio, back in 1970 something say this. The trouble with do gooders is that they don’t do good you see!” That’s pretty good for a fundamentalist preacher on the radio I’d say.

Comment by Shari


Always beware of a Southerner who pretends to be ignorant. I can talk to a fundamentalist preacher any day with more ease than with a priest of Political Correctness, aka, an Intellectual.

Howard Bakerof Tennessee was Ranking Repulican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee when Sam Ervin of North Carolina was Chairman.

Once Sam Ervin repeated his mantra:

“I’m just a country lawyer from North Carolina.”

Baker burst out, “Dammit, Sam, you know that you’re a MAGNA Cum Laude graduate othe Harvard Law School!”

Sam leaned back and said, “Yea, Howard, but nobody will ever know it.”


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You have to be smarter than the average bear to deal with this stuff so patiently. I would have a hard time, but I do get the idea of sticking closely to the point! Sometimes I can.

Comment by Shari


Thank you for noticing.

Yes it was horribly hard for me, as I clearly saw the abyss into which they were leading us, to maintain my calm. I could feel the volcano inside me.

But what the Roman Legions learned was that you have to stay in step, keep your calm, maintain your formation.

The Oriental hordes and the Gauls were more honest. They were furious and they struck with everything they had.

But the Romans, who were probably a little upset themselves, kept their ranks and used an eighteen-inch-long sword to make their, so to speak, point.

I can pain myself blue and scream or I can make my point.

I’d rather scream and attack. But the war is more important than what I would rather do.

Discipline is terribly hard, and I appreciate your pointing that out.


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A Useful Exchange

I have been spending a good deal of time on the “antis” section in Stormfront.

One British anti wrote in what she called polite and to the point comments.

This exchange shows some quick ways to deal with anti rhetoric:

Originally Posted by witchhuntergeneral
First of, let me introduce myself. I am English, white, have blue eyes, am athletic, tall, and am doing pretty damn well in my studies if I say so myself. And do I consider myself superior in any way to anyone else on this planet? NO I DO NOT.

*** Everybody considers themselves supreior to somebody. You, for example, consider yourself superior to “racists,” a term you do not define.

Please don’t assume that I regard you all as ignorant or barbaric. I know that the “skin head” image that white supremisis groups get is mere media spin. Yet when I stumbled across this site I was bemused as to what would drive seemingly ordinary white men and women to congregate on a forum and spread racial hatred.

*** I have found in my long life that someone who accuses other people of lying all the time is NEVER a person who takes the truth seriously.

*** You wouldn’t trust someone who kept calling everybody a “liar.”

*** By the same token, someone who accuses others of having no motivation but “Hate” is certainly someone who considers hatred to be a routine motivation.

*** In other words, know thyself.

I’m sure you’ll deny that you are spreading this feverently, but I feel there are some pretty radical posts on this site. Don’t get me wrong; I’m sure some of you had had traumatic experiences with minorities in the past, and you feel genuinely threatened. Why, just the other day an Asian fellow leaned out of his car window and called me a “white cu*t” as I rode by on my bike, having done nothing to him. Yet do I feel contempt for him, or any Asian race? Or any race for that matter? Of course not!

*** I have spent my entire life around blacks. We Southerners do that, while others theorize about it. I have also spent a LOT of time in Africa.

*** You take the general white attitude for granted, and you do not examine it.

*** Like other whites, you don’t give a damn what colored people think of you, but you assume that colored people worry day and night about what we say about them, hence your idea of “Hate” being part of our thought pattern.

*** You don’t realize it, but you are saying is htat they have every right to get together and complain about us, but our sayiing bad things about them is CRUEL.

I’m not some far left winger or minority sympathiser or anything, I’m a regular guy. I think rap music sucks, fundamentalist Islam should be stamped out, and the idea that we must all be politically correct 100% of the time frankly tedious. Yet this doesn’t mean I feel the need to segregate from certain people. Some of my best friends are minorities, and they are no different from you or me.

*** Then why do you assume they have a valid objection to our remarks but you shouldn’t worry about theirs?

Basically I just wanted to know what REALLY motivates you to congregate on this site. And don’t give me that hogwash about declining caucasian birth rates. There are millions of us. We populate the richest countries in the world, and minorities have little political or economic power. And those that do show prowess in their field of work. They are adept at what they do and deserve it.

*** It is neither polite nor to the point to refer to a concern on another person’s part as “hogwash.”

Before I sign off, I have a few criticisms to make. I have read some of the ideologies and theories on here, and find many to be hypocritical. I simply cannot wait for the responses to the questions I pose:

1. If so many of you white Americans believe that minorities have their own countries to go back to, and therefore should, than you yourselves are hypocrites. As descendants of European settlers and colonists, by your own logic you have Europe to go back to. How can you make a claim to the land over minorities? Because you’ve been there longer? Then technically America belongs to… The red man! Native Americans! You have no right to claim the land over anyone. Everyone in, or everyone out. Deal with it.

*** All nations are created by immigration.

*** All nations are destroyed by immigration.

2. Secondly, the idea some white Americans hold that they are “racially pure”. White Americans, as I said above, are a mixture of Dutch, Englsih, German, French, Irish and who knows what else, from Europe. Why, you’re just a bubbling pot of different nations! Racially pure? I think not! Besides, what a silly, old fasioned idea that is. Embrace your fellow man!

*** Actually, no one has any trouble whatsoever defining “white” when it comes to blaming us for things. You just referred to white Americans. You couldn’t do that if this were the myth you talk about.

3. Thirdly, if you regard white people, particularly Nordic or Germanic peoples as top dogs in the race chain, then consider:

The fact that the Romans (I understand you don’t consider Italians to be “truely” white either) wiped the floor with the Germanic tribes countless times through history. As we all know, Romans were better educated, more technologically advanced, and superior in warfair. The Germanic tribes (though blond and pure I’m sure they were) were barbaric and unsophisticated. On what grounds can you declare these people a “master race”?

*** There is difference, too subtle for one who is as little prone to self-examination as you seem to be, between decalring a master race and wanting your race, those whites you refer to as white Americans, in case you forgot, to SURVIVE.

*** You have tacitly joined the camp of those who refer to any white person who is concerned about survival as anaziwhowatnstokillsixmillionjews.

Similarly with the Crusades. You can’t get more black against white. Slowly but surely, time and again the white man was beaten back to Europe by the victorious Arabs.

I don’t mean to insult anyone, I’m just curious as to what your responses will be. Also, I find anti-white racism to be hardly offensive. The word “honky” is just hilarious. It does not have the cruel edge that the word “nigger” does. By taking our knocks as a race, and then having the pride and respect not to retaliate with more racism, we better ourselves. WE retain the moral high-ground. Now stop being racist!

*** Once again you are showing white supremacism. Noe of us care much what non-whites think of us, but you assume we are evil to express our opinions of them.

*** In the real world, while you are blaming us for hateful statements here, you would deny that you are in the same camp with people who send us to prison in your country for our opinions.

*** Do a little self-analysis. Those of us you call “racists” without botherting to define the insult may have something to teach you.