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Posted by Bob on January 30th, 2008 under Coaching Session

Well our side bitches and does a great job at being ineffective. But I’ll relate two stories written by libs that shows they are doing more to protect themselves and advance whites than Stormfront. It deals with Montana college football and the efforts of degenerates to import crazed Africans into the bastions of hippie dropout land. The one you will be able to access today is in TAC, the other is in a month’s old Sports Illustrated. The TAC is written by hippy psychobabbler who has gotten a taste of Africa and is not happy, the other more interesting one is written by an attractive twenty something who explicity states that Montana college football is to be for the white kids who staff the ranches and farms of that state to the exclusion of Africans. Both are libs, but both broke taboo and asked questions that Stormfronters would only shriek about like the Apes in 2001. PC is a shell concocted by child like fools, its Santa Clause for the squalor and stagnation set.

  1. #1 by Prometheus on 01/30/2008 - 6:17 pm

    Consider this, an ageing liberal can AFFORD to say “We need immigrants to boost our population and support our growing numbers of elderly”

    A teenager CANNOT afford to say “We need immigrants to boost our population to support our growing number of elderly”. Because it is HE that must pay, with the housing and water shortages here down under. With crime, with the ever present PC message.

    In the 60’s, you could tell white liberal folk living in white suburbs that they were priveledged and that they should pass this into large numbers of non-whites who really should be able to come here and assimilate. They could AFFORD to say that because they didn’t personally pay the cost.

    But now kids are growing up pretty much everywhere surrounded by minorities who really do seem to be getting a good deal. All these Indians and Asians seem to be set to inherit THEIR future.

    The message doesn’t resonate the same way now.

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