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Please Think With Me!

Posted by Bob on January 27th, 2008 under Coaching Session

In practical politics thinking, Obama is a complete shock, good or bad.

I predicted AN Obama, just the way I predicted September 11 in “Superterrorism” (WOL) over two years before it happened. On September 11 and 12, 2001, I reprinted my articles on Superterrorism, warts and all. The warts were that I was talking about new ways of terrorism that would upset the world, but I did not look to fully-fueled passenger planes.

But the point is that my world view is NEVER the reprints of headlines that constitute most political discussion. I look at what doesn’t make sense in the present discussion, developments that do not make good editorial points right now.

My stuff gets ignored. It doesn’t “fit” into what we call practical political discussion. In a revolutionary age, REAL thinking never fits in.

In exactly the same way, in a decade or two no one will even BELIEVE the remarks were even made that today are considered serious political dialogue. People who make their living in this business today, AND THOSE WHO READ THEM, have no interest in long-term REALITY. They live now. They discuss now.

Tim’s comments below have more relevance to the long-term than practically anyone on Stormfront today. He is talking about LEFTISTS who are doing racial fiction. Today, I will vote Democratic because it is the LEFTISTS who are moving away from Israel’s APAC.

This business of trying desperately to avoid the racial reality is not new. All the parties tried to avoid the slavery — actually sectional competition — split in the 1850s.

The big news was Franklin Pierce and President Buchanan.

Remember them?

Of course not.

But if SF had existed then, they would have talked about them all the time.

Practical politics and practical POWER politics are two entirely different things.

And practical politics is not going to save our race.

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