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The Movement Minefield: Explosives Please Go Elsewhere

Posted by Bob on March 31st, 2011 under Coaching Session

Now that the KGB files have been open for twenty years, we know that about every single person Senator McCarthy called a Communist has a KGB file describing exactly what he did for the Soviets against the US.

Please note that not mentioning things like this is more than the natural reaction of a media that was dead wrong. It is not merely a natural ideological response. The Silence is as much a strategy as is Radio Silence in war.

I am not be the only person who remembers those KGB files. I may not be the only one who remembers that the Berlin Wall was just one part of the wall around ALL Communist states as a fugitive slave measure. Every time I mention one of these phenomena, outraged protests come from others who REMEMBER these things.

But not one of them can cite an occasion where he MENTIONED them. This is more important than any claim of mine.

As I say, even those we ally with remain dumb fixtures of THEIR society.

The way one becomes a respectable conservative with a paycheck is, above all, to maintain Radio Silence.

Fox had a hugely advertised expose of Israeli spying in the US. It lasted one show.

Then something happened straight out of George Orwell. Instead of saying the series had been suspended or that it was “controversial,” which is the only reason leftists needs to ban anything, Fox simply stated, “This series no longer exists.”

That was a signal to the few Americans who even remember what freedom of speech outside Mommy Professor’s rules WAS. In an America before the Weakest Generation it would have caused a flurry, a groundswell, of defiance.

There would have been QUESTIONS: WHY does this series no longer exist.

All the Conspiracy nut jobs insist that all of Fox is just like everybody else because they couldn’t let an A-Bomb go off if it wasn’t in their book. Any other announcement of sinking under Israel Lobby pressure would have been smooth as silk. No other media would start such a series in the first place.

But when one tries to explain signals and subtleties to our side, you forfeit most of your audience.

You watch, for the thousandth time, when somebody says Hitler was only a bad guy because he was SOCIALIST. I kid you not, that saying anything good about Laurel and Hardy showed you were a homo because they were just a secret ad for queers.

Trying to explain subtleties to the old League of the South group, which was heavily populated with fundamental Calvinists, was tiptoeing through a mine field. But just about any group that could sympathize with what I had to say had been trained in an endless list of detailed historical plots, a minefield I got awfully tired of walking through.

So if I criticize BBG’s church or refuse to list the Jewish names connected with what I am talking about, remember that I consider the minefield crowd enormously dispensable.

The minefield crowd is the reason I remember at least one vicious fight a year inside organizations, and why antiestablishment groups almost invariably rip themselves to pieces.

The minefield type is not welcome here. Any group that allows them into it is headed for self-destruction.

When I say something the Catholic Church did badly, BBG has a civilized, friendly reply, and he could recite me a list of Church mistakes that I never heard of.

The same is true of other commenters who FIT in BUGS. Each one is expected to have a point of view. I am teaching a way of looking at the world, not a doctrine.

So if one is capable of walking out if any of us makes comments he doesn’t like, let me assure that that person is liability from the word Go, and over fifty years of experience have taught me that you should dump those explosives and let them go off in somebody else’s face.

  1. #1 by BGLass on 03/31/2011 - 7:54 am

    For a lot of kids now, they’re just born right on a minefield, but they they are told over and over and over that minefields do not exist, and have never even existed.

    So, life is learning from the inside-out that “no minefields” is a lie, and there behind that is a who’s-doing-what-to-whom, and why and it came about through real people, and that lots of people really do hate you, and not for the reasons t.v. says they should–and finding out stories of real history and practical politics. Seeing from the point of view of one’s own skin, your color, your personal history is no good— instead, you’re supposed to be for the Big Ideas like “we’re all people here.” But the other side, the will to actually be one’s real self, has rewards. Without that, you could never see yourself, or your people, in a broader context–and that is real sophistication, not wordist provincial.

  2. #2 by Dave on 03/31/2011 - 9:15 am

    If our side could overcome the subject of this post (e.g., the tendency of antiestablishment groups to rip themselves to pieces), our contest would be won and over.

    Our enemies are weak. The core of our problem has been the failure of weak people to stand up to weak people. The stuff that is lacking in weak people does not involve religion or ideology. You have to have some of the stuff that is lacking to understand this.

    The achievements of the white race reflect back on the nonwhite world the stuff that is lacking in nonwhites. That is why nonwhites find it so incredibility hard to cope with the white race. Why don’t white people understand this? Why can’t we grasp how heavy white achievements weigh upon nonwhite people?

    That the white race has been swept into maelstrom of reaction to its achievements is epic. Mommy Professor is literally tortured by the stuff that is lacking in her world of equality. It gets reflected back at her in the world of real achievement that exists OUTSIDE of academia – in the big world that refuses to acknowledge her. That is WHY we are endlessly flogged with her intense melodrama and ideological caterwauling.

    And we should KNOW we got her beat because she cannot feel any shame for her behavior. That is why the Establishment literally doesn’t have a pot to piss in. The Establishment is up a creek named NO HOPE. What, at heart, is Political Correctness? It is a name for DESPAIR.

    Our side must come to grips by perceiving this accurately. Proof will reside with those of us that put aside our religion and ideology, for we have the whole of the firmament to guide us. Knowing this is what I would call CONSPIRACY – the natural conspiracy of who we really and truly are.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 03/31/2011 - 11:17 am

    Mama is going crazy, Pa is trying to keep the peace by agreeing to all sorts of nonsense, I see this in my life with all my aging friends. This applies to the meta scale of our decaying country as well. The aborigines without a large pot to piss in would take aging ma out behind the mudhut and beat her to death once her demands started to overwhelm the survival capabilities. (this theme was also on the Beverly Hillbillies show)

    Aging Mama’s despair and the coping mechanisms (PC, Minefields) are deeply effecting our survival. Obviously she is not going to be taken back of the mudhut. But our consistent message will jar her and her enablers out of their consensus trance which is allowing the anti-whites to destroy us.

    “Facts” don’t jar mama out of her delirium the notion of her being held responsible works miracles in restoring sanity at least temporarily.

  4. #4 by Simmons on 03/31/2011 - 1:06 pm

    Hunter is going thru the usual News and I interject that the usual mode of News first, tip toe thru the minefield next, repeat endlessly and send money for god’s sake is done for.

    There will be nothing unless it goes thru the Mantra. And no need to send money.

  5. #5 by AFKANNow on 03/31/2011 - 9:01 pm

    My patience grows thin as relatives who scorned my thinking, and calld me “the Family Nazi,” now look to me as the one perso who actually has a Plan.

    They can not accept the foundation of the Plan as being the antithesis of the genocide of White Children; so, they get what they can handle, in pieces, with me playing the role of Patriarch, disguised as the family’s banker.

    THEM: “So and so is having problems with such and such.”

    Me: “Fine. Have her move in with her nephews, and her social security will help them cover her costs.”

    THEM: “That sounds like you are saying she will have to sell her house.”

    Me: “Well, yes. She’s going to have to get rid of a lot of junk she’s been hoarding, anyway.”

    THEM: “We can’t do that.”

    Me: “Fine. Next question?”

    That was a long way of speaking in shorthand about how the use of emotional blackmail works to keep you in place, safe, comfortable, adn useful for parasites looking for a host, living in a reactive world.

    Funny thing is, vwhen people realize you can not be emotionally blackmailed, they begin to either totally ignore you, or show you a lot of respect, if only out of fear.

    Speaking in code for the last fifty years has gained us nothing, as we have been routinely defeated on EVERY policy initiative.

    Speaking and living in a clean, straightforward manner, simply makes your life much easier, and the people who don’t like the real you, and what you really stand for, are better left in the dustbin of history.

    I am using the Mantra in routine conversation pretty much every time an opportunity offers itself, changing the phrasing to the genocide of White CHILDREN.

    It works, in that it punches through the emotional walls that political correctness – moral and intellectual cowardice – offers them.

    I open up the topic when someone mentions a contemporary issue, and I shift the topic to how the solution will affect his/her grandchildren.

    That STOPS them for a minute, and then I hit the issue of the genocide of White CHILDREN – usually, therefore, THEIR GRANDCHILDREN.

    I have seen people literally go slack-jawed, and stare into space, as the Programming is neutralized, if only for a second.

    I don’t know if it people seeing someone standup and say, without apology, what their grandparents believed without having to articulate, that your life is devoted to Creating the world your Posterity will inhabit.

    The control system for poltical correctness, outside of the workplace, is emotional blackmail – landmines of outrage and horror as the Facade is broken, and destroyed.


    The best emotional response is Masculine, Assertive to the point of being aggressive, and a focus on their grandchildren.

    This crushes the explosives in the minefield, and you get to move forward. If they want to stay back where they are, fine.

    They will be the ones who are ignored by their grandchildren, and rightly so.

    Oh, and a quick comment on how to make your points, from someone who is tired of the feminization of American political discourse.


    Hit the mark, hit it again, and hit it again, harder.

    The psychologists – the smart ones – studied the Army officers who were captives in the Korean Police Action, to see which ones became “fellow travelers” with their captors – traitors – and which ones didn’t.

    They discovered something the Left used against us with great skill in the last half-century.

    The ones who never cracked never comrpomised on one thing; they never even began to discuss how they MIGHT – or the Administration MIGHT – be remotely guilty of something, no matter how trivial.

    That was the key.

    Once the first apology was issued, no matter how small the issue, no matter how tentative the apology, the Pattern was in place, and all they had to do was go to straight, mechanistic, operant conditioning.

    The officers who NEVER apologized, not once, not in the slightest, could not ne intimidated, and did not turn traitor on their brothers.

    Same here.

    We have wasted far too much time being rational with the irrational, who only use words to find a weak emotional link, no matter how small or subtle, and then ruthlessly attack us with psychological warfare, the strongest element of which is emotional blackmail.

    Have you noticed how often our young men – and omen, but especially our young men – are brought into apology exercises in school, and at the diversity training sessions?

    Think there is a reason for that?

    They do what WORKS, because it WORKS.

    Now, so do I.

    How to WIN:


    One, go on the offense.

    Two, stay there.


  6. #7 by Genseric on 04/01/2011 - 4:51 am

    Being open to constructive criticism has long been one of my many weaknesses. However, this is something that I have been trying to work on.

    Recently, I engaged a N&J pro-White(s) and tried to explain a borderline point of view regarding practical politics and the application of such. Subsequently, I was called names and demonized for this. The person(s) preferred to argue about a tertiary point in my argument. I surmise the reason they do this is because they are comfortable with that which they THINK they already know. So, I reiterated it and when that did not work I re-worded it and reiterated that. I finished my point and let it be after three laps on the dance floor.

    If anyone acted in a volatile manner I like to think that it was the N&J-er. Although, I can see where I have been guilty of being volatile.

    But, if you think you are going to get rid of me that easily, think again. My love for my posterity and White children in general is great. So great is that love, that I am willing to re-think my old school MO and use what works.

    The Mantra. Choose to USE it.

    Open to constructive criticism from those qualified to give it,

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