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The Communist Label is Proven; the Nazi Label is Disproven

One main thing respectable conservatives get paid for is FORGETTING.

McCarthyism is a term seldom used today, but the fact is that everybody McCarthy called a Communist WAS a Communist.. When the USSR fell, the titanic KGB files were opened up. Even the ones Buckley denied were Communists turned out to be right there.

Our local liberal newspaper, it belongs to a chain, had a front page article announcing that Alger Hiss, the one Nixon caught, had NOT been found in the files.

Then he was.

Conservatives have long since stopped mentioning this. It is too embarrassing to liberals, and not being too embarrassing to liberals is what makes one respectable.


On the other hand, when German files were opened at the end of World War II, every newspaper in America would have welcomed word that people like Lindbergh were Nazi agents.

No way, Jose, Errol Flynn either.

We keep getting called Nazis, but the only claims that were ever PROVEN were that American leftists worked as freely with the Communists as the most fanatical McCarthyite would have claimed.

Lately highly redacted intelligence reports have shown that Ted Kennedy was working with the Reds on a number of fronts.

If you hold your breath until respectable conservatives even MENTION that you will suffocate.

Respectable conservatives are busy calling US Nazis.

It astonished me when the X-Files had Darren McGaven playing an old FBI agent who said “Of COURSE there were Communists in the State Department, HUNDREDS of them.” The whole episode turned on the fact that the reason they were NOT found out was because the Aliens didn’t want them to be!

This is a secret only kept by respectable conservatives.

In fact I once explained what happened to all the John Birch and McCarthyite Communists charges of the 1950s. In the 1960s, they went public. In the Radical Sixties, all the Communists came out and in anti-Vietnam rallies carried the Viet Cong banner.

You would have played hell before finding an America First rally in 1940 carrying a swastika.

Jane Fonda praised Communism as did the rest of the “anti-War” spokesmen.

There is a difference between being against the American entry into World War II and carrying a swastika in wartime. There is a difference between opposing an undeclared war and carrying the banner in American streets under which American soldiers are being killed.

But no respectable conservative will ever mention it.



Africa for the Africans

A white farmer in Zimbabwe died recently from head injuries from an attack on him and his family while he was practically the only white farmer trying to hold onto his land in the Zimbabwe court system.

Other white farmers just left when the government took and divided up their land. His wife and children, some badly injured, are limping out of the country with the rest of the whites who settled there generations ago.

This incident reminds me of the summation of the Dred Scot Decision of 1857, which was “A black man has no rights under the (US) Constitution that a white man need respect.” A white man has no rights under the present Zimbabwe Constitution that a black man need respect.

U.S, law specifically denies refugee status to any white person in South Africa no matter how he is treated.

Under US immigration law, no South African white has any rights that a black South African need respect.

US immigration law states that Africa is for the Africans.

The Thirteenth Amendment only says that slavery was illegal. It freed the slaves, which was a big deal at the time.

A VERY big deal at the time.

From December, 1965 to July of 1868, the status of blacks under the Dred Scot Decision was the official Federal position. The fourteenth amendment’s ratification was false, but the fact of the matter I that, after July 20, 1868, when Seward declared it was ratified, it was ENFORCED.

All bullshit aside, the United States Constitution consists of what is ENFORCED. When the Federal Courts decided in 1834 that a major part of Georgia still belonged to the Indians, President Jackson said “The Supreme Court has made its decision, now let it ENFORCE it.”

And that was the end to the Indians’ claim to half of Georgia., an area as large as ALL of South Carolina.

There is a Whitakerism here, a point that is so absolutely part of our thinking that it is unnoticed.

No one will notice the basic point. People will be scurrying to Google to argue whether the land involved was the number of square miles I have specified. They will ignore the reality:

The Courts have not changed their ruling since 1834. They have accreded the fact that, in the end, all that matters is what President Jackson chose to ENFORCE.

Indian tribes have been given many, many MANY concessions, especially under Political Correctness. But, since 1834, Indian tribes have no rights under the Constitution that white people MUST respect.


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Political Predestination

History is a natural part of any discussion of policy.

But in regular policy talk, no one is allowed to talk about alternative history.

What is ridiculous about this is that alternative history is exactly what you are talking about. If you accept predetermination, it is ridiculous to talk about alternative policies.

You ARE discussing alternatives histories, the alternative history that will be if one or the other policy is adopted.

This assumption is not new. It was in  the Confessions and On The Predestination Of The Saints  by St. Augustine. You know it from John Calvin: It is called Predestination.

In the 1930s W.E. Woodward, a master of common sense, referred to Marxists as “economic Calvinists.”

Once again, what I am talking about is a pure Whitakerism:

I am pointing out a reality that is so obvious and so BASIC that no one else would NOTICE it.

Using a term like social progress means you believe in predestination. Predestination can be biblical or it can be claimed as Scientific History like that of Marx which is based on the early Victorian version of the past.

If the future can be different, then the past could have been different. Which means it is not only wrong to use a term like “political progressive,” it is insane. But, like Political Correctness, this terminology has become so much a part of our daily discussion, via Mommy Professor, that we cannot think of talk without it.

No progressive would hesitate to discuss how much Greener the world might have been had the ballots in Florida been less confusing in 2000.



“Extremist” Means Who Lost the Last War

It is an embarrassing and little-discussed fact, but until May 8, 1945, Germany operated under the Weimar Constitution.

After the Reichstag Fire the Reichstag put the emergency clause in the Weimar Constitution into effect.

The only reason the Weimar Constitution is no longer in effect is because Germany lost World War II.

I wrote a piece about Militant Obedience.

No matter how many words you cover it with, the only LOGICAL difference between Lincoln’s new Constitution declared in the Gettysburg Address and Hitler’s Weimar Constitution is that Lincoln won and Hitler lost,

We DO NOT want to get derailed on this fact, but it IS a fact.

It is a simple fact of life that the parameters of ANY discussion of public affairs are set by who won.

This is not even mildly disputable. If, as Buchanan discusses in his book, Britain had not gone nuts and declared war on Germany when Germany AND Russia invaded Poland, all of our public discussion would have an entirely different twist.

Germany would have been able to invade Russia, an aim Hitler had announced in Mein Kampf in the 1923.

Please note that I am NOT discussing anything specific about alternative history, which is subject to debate. All I am saying is that any alternative history would have produced an alternative DEBATE. History COULD have been different.

No one has any trouble with the simple fact that history COULD have been different.

I am talking about an equally indisputable fact: If history had been different, all the “reasonable discussion” we see professional commentators engage in would be unrecognizable.

If Englishmen and Americans had not been killed off by Churchill and Roosevelt, Hitler would have had Stalin all to himself. Ideally, the two dictators would have worn each other out, but in the long run, in a one-to-one match up, the USSR would probably have been beaten.

Now imagine the “reasonable debate” in the post-War years.

Germany would have had nuclear weapons. It would be the Lindbergh faction who would have bumper stickers saying “Better Nazi Than Dead.”

The left would have been made up entirely of nuke crazies.



The Eleven Words Are Already America’s Purpose

The Declaration of Independence was a propaganda document.

It was Declaration written in a period of full scale war.

No one takes the bulk of it seriously, where everything is blamed on the King. Everyone at the Convention had lived under English law their whole lives, and they knew very well that the King could not do the things he was accused of without Parliament.

But there is only one short sentence of criticism for the Parliament. That’s where our sympathizers were, a minority, though a strong one.

Not one delegate, including Jefferson who wrote it, took the phrase from French liberals, “All men are created equal,” seriously.

Most people don’t know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

America has only adopted one statement which summarizes what America exists for: “To secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity.”

If you trying to write the most total rejection of “a nation of immigrants” you possibly could, that is what you say.

The Gettysburg Address was delivered by a President who declared martial law during his reelection campaign. There was no question in Lincoln’s mind that he was declaring a Revolution” “dedicated to the principle that all men are created equal.”

How many men would have fought for the Union if they were informed that they were not fighting for the unity of their homeland, not even for the good of their own children, but for one single proposition?

In 1857 the Supreme Court wrote a book-length decision, Missouri versus Dred Scot, which went into detail about how America was founded and dedicated to white people: “A black man has no rights under the Constitution that a white man need respect.”

The Gettysburg Address was a war measure.

Just as the Declaration of Independence was a war measure.

Literate grown men in 1776 did not declare something as absurd as “all men are created equal” without a really good excuse.

Literate grown men in 1776 did not say “I want to kill Englishmen” at just any time.

So, until the Gettysburg Address, America was officially established to ensure a future for our white children.

The revolution to a propositional state is only valid if you accept the military dictatorship that enforced it.

This nation IS dedicated to a proposition, and it is eleven words long.