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We fight a constant battle against the term “anti.” It is not just a mistake, it is a blow for the other side.

Thousands of hours of experience have taught me that you call them anti-whites, and nothing else. There is all the difference in the world between whoever is listening REPEATEDLY hearing “anti” and his REPEATINGLY hearing anti-WHITE and hearing “anti-WHITE”

Ours is a battle where our precious supply of words is very, very limited. If there is one thing worse than wasting them it is setting them up so that the other side can use them against us.

One of our commenters said the white race was being “crowded out.” NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use that. It sounds like the Tea Party.

In order to keep their share of respectability, respectables NEVER criticize assimilation. Christian Singles advertises a mixed couple in its TV spots.

I wrote in some detail about how one of our movement pros had tried to be non-Whitaker and not to use “genocide.” He tried “displacement,” which is a synonym for “crowding out,” and he saw it didn’t work.

With both displacement and crowding out the implication is that if they will just settle down and marry us we can all get along together.

Assimilation, intermarriage, is the one thing neither liberals nor respectable conservatives will SCREAM if you attack. If you avoid it, things go a lot easier for you, because you are not fighting genocide.

It is going to take a lot of internal policing, inside our group and inside each of our minds, to avoid fatal slips like this.

If you see it, CALL it.