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White India

The words are heresy. But anti-whites can be confident that no one but Ole Bob will use them.

China’s population comes from an invention they got from India: aquatic rice. A single acre can produce five metric tons, 11,000 pounds of rice, and in China they have two growing seasons each year. In the break they can even plant a few other crops.

An acre produces sixty pounds of raw rice every day!

But aquatic rice was developed from the wild rice that grows on dry land. It was developed in India.

You know about Kung Fu, that Oriental Mystery fighting that made the old TV show? It was born in White India.

In fact the Kung Fu masters in China claim that the man who brought Kung Fu to China pierced a hole in a cave wall with a glare from his BLUE eyes!

Any educated Buddhist will tell you matter of factly that the Buddha himself had “eyes the color of the blue lotus.”

The Aztec God Quetzalcoatl was not only fair skinned but he had a BEARD, about which the Aztecs only knew about from that one legend.

If you see a people squatted about ruins, they are brown. Anti-whites insist that the “barbarians” squatted about the ruins of Rome and the Roman villas of Britain. But the fact is that the houses we live in today are amazingly similar, not to the villas, but the houses the so-called barbarians built.

Romans planned on a great growth of population of Britain after they took it over, but it never happened, because the Britons already got as much out of the land as the Roman could.

The houses we build today look a lot like the ones in the Asterix comic strip than like Roman houses. The pants we wear would not be strange in Old Northern Europe. A person dressed as a Roman today would be a freak.

The anti-whites used to always talk about “the color of the skin.”

OK, instead of arguing obscure points of physical characteristics, let’s TALK about skin color. Stop REACTING and use Mantra Thought. As a professional economist, I noted that nothing correlates as well with economic advancement as does skin color.

Once again, in our boredom over constantly dealing with the anti-whites’ standard five or six statements, we ignore the intellectual joy that the few realities they throw in there could give us.

White India!

White India gave us our numbers system, called “Arabic Numerals” because they came to us through Arabia. I would not like to try to develop Calculus using Roman Numerals.

Eighty percent of China’s population and our numerical system, and God only knows what else, came to us from a place historians never even mention.

A place only Mantra Thinking would ever adventure in.