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Well, DUHH!

Bill Gates described himself online as “a loyal liberal.”

He has spent five billion dollars on his own education program and he is admitting that it doesn’t work.

A loyal liberal spent five billion dollars on a liberal solution and it didn’t work.

Well, DUHH!

T. Boone Pickens was not a liberal. So he confessed his ideological sins and put a mere two billion dollars into an orthodox liberal energy scheme involving fans and lost every dime.

A respectable conservative spent two billion dollars on a liberal solution and it didn’t work.

Well, DUHH!

No one is going to point these obvious facts out to either of these people. No one tells any blunt truth to a rich man or a beautiful woman.

Ross Perot had a chance to redeem himself when he debated Al Gore. But everybody, including his most devoted fans, was totally turned off by his inability to argue with Gore, and the reason was obvious. No one had told him the truth about himself and his weaknesses for years. That stood out in the argument, and it was his last chance.

Some people imagine that moneyed folk are shrewd enough to realize how isolated they are. Such people never consider the stakes involved. The political left has been taking over every tax deductible foundation for decades. It has been taking over people with money for decades.

A respectable conservative is someone who is just barely smart enough to say the above seven billion dollars was a waste, but no conservative who wants to make a living will mention the fact that while those seven billion were wasted by the billionaires, SOMEBODY GOT seven billion dollars.

Somebody did not just get the money, but somebody also got the POWER to ALLOCATE that money.

If you want to know how Obama made a great living his entire life until he was sent to the Senate, it was in “social activism” as you now know.