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The Alamo Lesson Again

The Alamo lost the battle and won Texas Independence.

The three hundred Spartans — actually Spartiates — lost their battle and saved Greece from the Persians.

But all of them died.

Those environmental “scientists” who told each other in their emails about how they were doing the usual Politically Correct cheating on their data got exposed.

Almost from the first, I have told you that, while our side has no idea how effective Mantra Thinking is, the other side is made up of pros. They will not forgive and they will not forget if we are as effective as we can be against them.

Being in the small group that reverses the tide of battle is always risky.

As I said, the Torchlight Paraders on Stormfront would have panicked and run if they saw the present match up.

The handful of Swarmers — which to a political amateur is contradiction in terms –is in a real battle while others who sit aside and beat their chests are playing a very juvenile game.

And every BUGSTER who is not on the front is in the rear.