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Organizing Anarchists

A SWARMER asked about what he should do because he spend his time posting, and didn’t have time to report each and every posting.

He then went right ahead and answered his own question. He made a report, brief and to the point, about the things he was doing.

Another SWARMER declared with exclamation points that he had tried too many points too fast and failed.

Once again, he solved his own problem. BUGS is probably the only site where pro-whites are interested in a mistake like this, rather than in some ideological obscurity.

Like the first example, this SWARMER solved his own problem: He saw his error, declared it, and went back into the fight.

I am sure you would like to believe there is some All-Knowing Leader who could do it all right if he were in your place.

My Lord, I wish there was a guy like that!

Bob Ain’t Him.

So you have the next best thing. You have a place to discuss your activities with others who are doing the same thing, and speak the same language, a language of experience.

Let me indulge in what the world drove an old guy to: Self-pity.

I spent many, many years going from site to site, from convention to Convention, trying to get people to who could talk to me in Mantra terms.

None of them ever seemed to have convinced anybody, but they had not put the slightest energy in how to do it.

I hope some of you can appreciate SWARM the way I do. Those of you who are becoming good at this, try to put yourself back into the position I was in, when there was absolutely no one to talk to about real strategy.

Ten years ago no one in the movement would have understood what the hell you are talking about in SWARM.

As Frodo asked Gandalf, why did the Evil have to come in MY time?

Bob is not Gandalf, and even Gandalf had no answer.