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Mantra Thinking and Chinese Inventions

Why is information produced?

To aid historians Chinese technological history consists of proving that the Chinese did things first. That is why that information is produced, as evidence against white inventiveness.

But a Mantra Thinker doesn’t stop there. He doesn’t have a wussy fight with anti-whites about their version of history. A Mantra Thinker sees that there is a giant lesson looming BEHIND that piece of propaganda, information he would not have known about if the anti-whites had not produced it for their own purposes.

No one else seems to notice this: China had a printing press, and nothing happened. China had black powder, nothing happened except fireworks. One interesting little book I read discussed the interesting fact that Japan actually got the gun from Europe and then forgot it.

If you don’t waste your time quibbling with an anti-white over stuff like this, you can see whole avenues of history and other subjects open up that would never have been available to you if political correctness had not dictated that, in this case, some facts are revealed that would not otherwise have been.

Facts are ALWAYS dangerous to their side.

But only if you USE the facts for something besides just contradicting whatever bullshit they are pushing with it and look into them on your own.

In the case of gunpowder, the reason it is so important to US is because it destroyed the absolute power of castles. Constantinople’s walls, which had held for a thousand years, were destroyed by a German who brought cannon to the Turks.

Printing in China made some playing cards. It bought on the Reformation and ended the Era of Chained Books in Europe.

In fact, a traditional Chinese historian would be puzzled by the breathless announcement of anti-whites that China had a mechanical clock — ONE mechanical clock — long before they appeared in the West.

Knowing the history of his own people, the Chinese historian would say, “SO WHAT?” But it will be a cold day in the Eighth Circle before anyone on our side besides Ole Bob would bring that up.

Mantra Thinking can give you whole vistas that are fascinating. The important point about Chinese invention can bore you sick with its “SEE? The Chinese are the smart ones.”


It can give you a whole clue to a mystery no one seems to even NOTICE.

Nothing is more boring than listening to the same seven or eight arguments repeated endlessly by the anti-whites. You owe it to yourself to enjoy the facts they allow to get out. The real history of the world is in that incidental information.


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