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Electing a Jackie Robinson Who Can’t Hit

Praise from the praiseworthy!

Derek Black told me on the phone that the Mantra is a marvel.

Derek Black told me about his success with the Mantra.

He also told me frankly what older movement leaders will not say: He tried to avoid it.

To a leader, the Mantra is too much like copying Bob Whitaker. But, unlike others, he told me frankly that genocide sounded too standard. He tried the white race is being overwhelmed, he tried a dozen things.

But what I appreciate is that he TOLD me so.

There is a lesson in the example he gave me of his successes with the Mantra.

No one comes up with an answer, because the damned thing is almost a tautology.

But what he DID get was gratifying to anybody who has spent so much effort and emotion dealing with anti-whites: He got FURY. The example he gave was a frustrated anti-white white who yelled, “You’re accusing me of GENOCIDE!”

Please note here that in the end what the guy was upset by was how the Mantra made HIM look.

And in that, ladies and gentlemen, is the lesson you must carry with you into battle.

They pay billions just for a bunch of respectable conservatives who will not mention how SILLY their ideas are, who will treat them with respect.

We have all noted how anti-white opinion appeals to people who aspire to Uppah clahss status. But having noted that, we forget it.

Mantra Thinking goes into lessons we learn in one place and APPLIES them across the board.

Showing respect for them is a lie and it is subversion.

The Obama election was a bunch of children wanting to vote for Jackie Robinson. He immediately tried standard liberal big-spending crap that has failed totally.

We will probably never recover fully from that.

But it was NOT an intelligent mistake. They wanted a young Negro and that prospect, being the Generation of the Negro President, brushed all else aside.

A straight liberal economic solution in a crisis. It is like a person who has just broke his leg in three places running a hundred-yard dash.

But no cost was too great to be part of proving they were NOT racist. No cost was too great to get a Jackie Robinson president and feel SO good about it.

But if you call it anything BUT a Jackie Robinson presidency elected by a drooling public, you miss the entire point.

The difference is that in 1947 the first thing the anti-whites did was to make SURE Jackie Robinson had something to contribute that couldn’t be questioned.

In the case of Obama, nobody with his standard and packaged liberal program would have been elected if he had been white.

Embarrass them.

If the billions they allow respectable conservatives each year is not enough to prove to you how important this subversive respect is to them, you are truly out of it.

I hate to add this, but this has to be done intelligently, not just letting your temper go.

Irony, not name-calling.

Just let everyone see how SILLY they are.