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That Global Warming Waterloo

The exposure of the conspiracy to give false data between the environmental “scientists” was a shock.

It was not shock that they were doing it. Fake science to back PC conclusions is routine. If Political Correctness needed frogs to have hooves a thousand PhDs in any field would line up and swear that frogs have hooves.

What astonished me was the EXPOSURE.

Now we find that Fox News in Britain, the country where that exposure of emails took place, has been exposed as reading emails and other confidential stuff. It could be that the PC pros were on that from the time somebody nailed those British “experts” from their emails.

Or not.

That exposure really derailed the Global Warming freight train. The word was already going out to respectable conservatives that they could no longer publicly deny Global Warming.

It could be an indirect connection. That exposure could have made the PC, meaning the entire academic community and its allies, very sensitive on the whole business of anyone who looked into their real communications.

Either way, I have a strong suspicion that Fox, especially the part of Fox that happens to be in Britain, paid the price.

I warned you that being at the front against PC is dangerous.

The amateurs on our side cannot even remember the main points of the Mantra, but our Swarmers can tell you that their opponents are repeating them flawlessly.

Not one of the people who interviewed me could remember the Mantra as well as all our opponents do.

They can quote our Swarmers, but whatever our tens of thousands of amateurs say blows away with the wind.