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Short One

Moron — This is a legal, not a medical term. An idiot has an IQ of 0 to 30, an imbecile between 30 and 50, and a moron between 50 and 70. The dumbest moron is almost twice as smart as the dumbest imbecile.

This is part of the argument that there is a difference between a liberal and a respectable conservative.


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Short One

Ass — What you ride on.

Ass (2) — One who often puts his backside on a donkey.


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Like a Thief in the Night

One of the great points White Rabbit made at the convention was about the fall of the Soviet Union.

It is hard for the present generation to understand how totally unexpected it was. The whole Soviet Empire simply dissolved.


Because it didn’t work and people over there were sick of it.

First of all, no one here expected the USSR to fall at all.


Second, and more important, the fall of the USSR would only be achieved by nuclear confrontation or repeated bloody uprisings.

Absolutely no one who got paid for commenting on the subject even imagined that the whole things would simply fold up and go the way it did.

The only vision of Soviet Collapse at least involved the good old Torchlight Parades everybody seems so addicted to.

In the end, if weapons had to be singled out in the Soviet fall, it was not nuclear weapons, but Fax machines.

As I say, this is NOT something Modern American and European educators want to talk about. It is hard for someone who was not politically aware in the 1970s to remember, so I was surprised White Rabbit described it so vividly.

So White Rabbit applies the same reality to our present case, where precious few have any idea how the system actually works.

The present system, as everybody knows, is simply quibbling and putting off the disaster.

All the quibbling fills up the media, but it doesn’t affect the reality.



Making a Living in the Cause is Legitimate

BUGS is a unique position to be self-righteous, and that is always one hell of a temptation.

We do our work without money. This is because of the Internet and we use our own talents. I may point out that you have me, a man who made his living and comfortable retirement getting paid for exactly this kind of work and thinking, so, in a sense, we do not work without money, we work without RAISING money.

I remember how I made my living. A lot of the crap I had to write for conservatives and Republicans gives me flashbacks.

But what I did cannot be compared to prostitution. Prostitution is an honest trade where value is delivered for money.

But to operate the only licensed AM station in America that is openly pro-white requires James Edwards to raise money that potential sponsors don’t dare pay him because anti-white revenge makes it essential for him to raise money for himself and his beautiful wife and beautiful little blond daughter.

Tens of thousands, if not millions, are paid handsomely to be on the active anti-white side. Our president has never done anything else for a living.

David Duke and Don Black have dedicated their lives to our side. They have both gone to prison for it. The money anti-whites spent putting Dr. Duke in prison would have paid for a number of kidney machines to keep people alive.

As I said before, David has the name recognition to have sold out very profitably, right along with Bob Jones and others. The media would have had a field day with a weeping David joining the parade of earlier-whites who have seen the error of their ways from Evil Racism and to a nice offshore bank account.

He would at least have gotten a Harvard job the way formerly pro-flag Governor David Beasley did when he sold out.

Let me say something you know but need to keep in mind: Politics is a monstrous, vicious, and hand-to-hand combat. It makes me sick to see those asses who put pro-white activity down on their long list of things to do whining about Don Black’s livelihood.

If those total inactives do it, we could do it very easily.

It is a very human tendency, and in a lot of ways, we are like humans.

I made cracks about how the first BUGS delegation was treated when we were invited for the first time to a national convention in Sevierville.

Normally a group like us would whine about how we are outsiders making no money while the professionals mistreat us.

As it happens, that is a major part of the problem of the problem. A convention has always been mostly a gathering of people who are doing propaganda cum fund raising.

No movement ever got anywhere without a lot more of this kind of leadership as it went into serious politics.

So for God’s sake let’s not have any whining about how virtuous we are. We are a new phenomenon, and someone putting together a convention under HARRASSMENT isn’t going to instantaneously fit in a new phenomenon.

It is simply a genuine problem: how to fit us in with the professionals.

And if we begin to succeed, many of you will become professionals.

When that happens you may want to keep a copy of this article in your wallet to show to YOUR critics.

I do not want to hear any self-righteous whining about how we do this for free and they get paid.

The problem needs to be mentioned, but usually any mention of paid and unpaid leads to whining at a gale level. No one wants to DISCUSS it.

But if there is one thing BUGS will not stand for, it is not DISCUSSING a real difficulty.

To me, the present pro and amateur split is a hurdle we can handle just by facing it.

Sam Dicksen has been fitted in and as far as I know he has never gotten paid for it. He has given VERY risky legal defenses to our side which have amounted to some of the riskiest financial contributions possible.

But, as Sam says, “You people do all the work, and all I have to do is come make a speech from time to time and get applauded.” The fact that he constantly puts his entire legal practice at risk, and has done so for years, he does not mention.

I have gotten mildly ill hearing people bitch about Don Black making a modest living dedicating his life to the pro-white cause from people who just want to make trouble.

I wish there were millions of full time workers FOR whites.

Our method gives us a brand-new ability to do the work and not have to raise money.

It also gives us a unique opportunity to be self-righteous pricks.

Just because we are amateurs doesn’t give us a license to act amateurishly.



A Commenter Gets the Mantra into a NEWSPAPER!

This is a real REPORT!

I cannot imagine one of the country’s chains of newspapers allowing he Mantra in PRINT.

In my day the local newspaper was local. You had anti-whites on the Boston Globe and segregationists running the Columbia, SC, State Newspaper.

But they were taken over entirely and coast to coast by syndicates.

Liberal syndicates.

If local oil stations were being taken over in one fell swoop by Oil Syndicates, the media would frontline it.

Oddly enough this takeover of every single major local paper got not a word of criticism or suspicion anywhere inside the press.

Our commenter is justly proud of getting the Mantra into PRINT, though that breakthrough will not sound quite as impressive to the Internet generation.

It’s just one of those little steps for us that only a pro may really appreciate.