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You Are Forgetting the Basics

One commenter asked how to answer the “whites took their land” bit.

We have been over that dozens of times here.

First of all, any argument of that sort is JUSITIFYING genocide.

Am seeing a lot of this in BUGS, with anti-whites getting away with the simplest things.

For example, I do not see anti-whites who complain about our repetition getting what this sets them up for:

We won’t stop saying it until you ADDRESS it.

We can’t have an adult discussion with you until you stop outlawing and start debating what we say.

You have only a small window of opportunity, and it makes me sick to see you forget to follow up on them.

And, for the hundredth time, all nations are nations of immigrants.

All nations are created by immigration.

All nations are destroyed by immigration.

Too many of you are beginning to sound like respectable conservatives, only there to answer THEM.

Maybe we could use some reminders here by someone besides me.

The instant anyone brought any of the points you have such trouble with, I would just tell the truth: “You are justifying genocide.”

Get with it, gang!