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I Gave Derek Black the Wrong Name for BUGS

The announcement of our name was incorrect in the article announcing the East Tennessee meeting.

I guess I was tired when I spoke to Derek, and he had never looked at my blog.

BUGS means Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar, not Bob’s Undergraduate Seminar.

It is graduate because it is for anyone who has outgrown his college education, whether he had one or not.

It will be interesting to see if anyone else noticed that error.

One critical new concept Derek has added here is alternative sites for meetings. We used to have an annual National Alliance meeting, but the hurricane and the other forces of PC stopped its revival.

Then we agreed to go to the American Renaissance meetings, but then the forces of Freedom of Speech — capitalized — stopped those.

But the East Tennessee meeting has arranged for members there to provide alternative meetings sites if the Freedom of Speech anti-whites scare the management of wherever this meeting was to be held.

Since they are denying us the right to freely assemble, they might be called the Freedom of Assembly crowd, too. A person like an Inquisitor who has no mercy at all says he operates in the name of Mercy, Europeans who ban speech in Europe do so in the name of Freedom of Speech, that is, Real Freedom of Speech should not be ABUSED.

It never hurts to remember that they say that treason to the white race is Loyalty to Humanity. The capital letter is a perfect description of how anti-whites use every word, like Humanity and Diversity, to promote the utter extinction of the real thing.