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We’re not Just “Arguments,” We are a World View

I have written over four thousand articles since Whitaker Online started in September of 1998.

But I am no longer in charge of the articles that mean most to me. If I read the count aright, there are still less than a thousand BUGS SWARM comments. BUGS SWARM keeps me going, so this is not entirely a complaint.

But it breaks my heart that BUGS SWARM is nota giant list of you reporting where you copied and pasted.

The strategy statements in BUGS SWARM make me want to stand up and cheer. All those years when I was trying to get The Tome People onto nose-to-nose phalanx fighting any tiny variation in their discussion with the other side would throw them right back into endless explanations no one would quote.

And even those were not even a handful. NOBODY understood Mantra work. In my first ten years people would watch me tear up the other side and convince listeners, they would brag to each other how good I was, and then they would not hear one single word when I tried to explain it to them.

One Ole Bob simply cannot be a SWARM. What we have is a LOT better than back when I was almost the only effective person in Stormfront Opposing Views until Lord Nelson and a few others came along YEARS later.

I doubted myself, despite the years of successful paid expertise I took in with me.

But I think that now I finally understand that what I was trying to do was a bigger job than I thought it was.

I was not just trying to get in points that I could demonstrably win with. From the time I coined the phrase “respectable conservative” I was introducing a complete mindset that was as alien to our good guys as it was to the bad guys.

Our two-headed establishment — I first used that term publicly in a 1976 book — liberals and their pet opposition of respectable conservatives — look at the whole world from a Mommy Professor prospective.

The same was true in the Opposing Views on Stormfront. Their side was arguing that we were racists, and our side was obediently DENYING that they were white racists.

It is, quite literally, a cultural shock to realize that the only race that genocide is really being aimed at in the real world is the white race, and it shows the power of the other side over OUR minds that as we were having genocide practiced against us, we spent all our time denying we were advocating genocide!

BUGS SWARM is not just the only group that is handling the debate correctly.

BUGS SWARM is the only group that realizes what the debate IS!