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White India

Posted by Bob on August 29th, 2011 under Coaching Session

The words are heresy. But anti-whites can be confident that no one but Ole Bob will use them.

China’s population comes from an invention they got from India: aquatic rice. A single acre can produce five metric tons, 11,000 pounds of rice, and in China they have two growing seasons each year. In the break they can even plant a few other crops.

An acre produces sixty pounds of raw rice every day!

But aquatic rice was developed from the wild rice that grows on dry land. It was developed in India.

You know about Kung Fu, that Oriental Mystery fighting that made the old TV show? It was born in White India.

In fact the Kung Fu masters in China claim that the man who brought Kung Fu to China pierced a hole in a cave wall with a glare from his BLUE eyes!

Any educated Buddhist will tell you matter of factly that the Buddha himself had “eyes the color of the blue lotus.”

The Aztec God Quetzalcoatl was not only fair skinned but he had a BEARD, about which the Aztecs only knew about from that one legend.

If you see a people squatted about ruins, they are brown. Anti-whites insist that the “barbarians” squatted about the ruins of Rome and the Roman villas of Britain. But the fact is that the houses we live in today are amazingly similar, not to the villas, but the houses the so-called barbarians built.

Romans planned on a great growth of population of Britain after they took it over, but it never happened, because the Britons already got as much out of the land as the Roman could.

The houses we build today look a lot like the ones in the Asterix comic strip than like Roman houses. The pants we wear would not be strange in Old Northern Europe. A person dressed as a Roman today would be a freak.

The anti-whites used to always talk about “the color of the skin.”

OK, instead of arguing obscure points of physical characteristics, let’s TALK about skin color. Stop REACTING and use Mantra Thought. As a professional economist, I noted that nothing correlates as well with economic advancement as does skin color.

Once again, in our boredom over constantly dealing with the anti-whites’ standard five or six statements, we ignore the intellectual joy that the few realities they throw in there could give us.

White India!

White India gave us our numbers system, called “Arabic Numerals” because they came to us through Arabia. I would not like to try to develop Calculus using Roman Numerals.

Eighty percent of China’s population and our numerical system, and God only knows what else, came to us from a place historians never even mention.

A place only Mantra Thinking would ever adventure in.

  1. #1 by BGLass on 08/29/2011 - 8:49 am

    also being hairy was Esau’s main signifier in the Bible and he was the only productive worker, also, feeding the whole family. The food that Jacob trades for Esau’s birthright was actually gotten by Esau, seems like. Jacob is a rip off artist who steals a blessing and birthright, then flees to his cousin Laban, steals from him by shorting cattle, and corrupts Rachel who when they have to flee there, steals her father’s gods, presumably fetishes made of precious metal. Not to mess up any CI interpretations, but still. Just that hair and productivity seem often linked. Samson’s virility. strange that jewish tradition sees the beard as signifier of wisdom/age/holiness, and yet “father Jacob” was hairless, his deception was pretending to have hair, how he got all his stuff. beards often mean productivity

  2. #2 by Mike Davis on 08/29/2011 - 10:39 am

    I am a new subscriber and happy to discover your pro-white group. I want to join up with pro-white activists in the East TN area.
    A few days ago I was attempting to find and join a right wing activist group. Somehow I ended up on a false conservative site run by “freedom works”. After I got my profile on and began to explore, I received a “connection” offer from several (or one person using several different names and addresses) who all turned out to be members of a group called “100 Million Patriots Standing.” They began to send me a wave of religious gibberish that positioned jews as “God’s Chosen” and my imperative to support them and Israel. When I questioned the writers about:
    1.Why do they support israel over the USA on a supposedly pro-USA site
    2. Why did they think all their Shalom gibberish would impress me?
    3. Since 85% of jews voted for Obama and jews are firmly steering Obama’s ruinous regime, why should I throw in with a group that is for my enemies and against my people?
    4. I also said: “Do not send me any more of your “Biblical proof” that all whites must support Israel.”
    After that, my site was swamped with more gibberish and threats. The wording was all the same but different phony names were attached to it. I was threatened and insulted in over 100 messages. I fought back and accepted all offers for fist fights and other threats.I also retained copies of their messages as well as the response of so called “freedom works” the group controlling the site and to whom I complained about the insane Jewish attempts to intimidate me. (They ruled in favor of the psychopathic jews)
    I have saved copies of all this (it includes some remarkable insane pro-jewish propaganda crafted to usurp the “patriotic” white person’s idea of what patriotism really is) and I wonder if you would like to read and perhaps publish this bizarre episode for those of your subscribers who might be interested or who have some ideas about what to do about jewish hate groups pretending to takeover the patriotic sphere, especially the Tea Party.
    If you are interested, let me know and I will send the material to you. I do not mind if you investigate my story independently, in fact I hope you do.

  3. #3 by Genseric on 08/29/2011 - 1:56 pm

    Add to the list:

    White Africa
    German Israel
    European China

    Q:Wie sagt man ‘Verboten’ auf Englisch?
    A:Not (nicht) Politically Correct

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