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Mantra Thinking is Also Rethinking

As children we accept what we are taught. Then we begin to contradict what we were taught.

With almost everybody, though they don’t know it, the process ends right there.

Mantra Thinking is terribly hard to define, since it is a way of thinking rather than a doctrine. But one characteristic of MT is that a Mantra thinker will go beyond the I Believe and I Don’t Believe process above.
One obvious example is Nothing Can Be Done versus Something Should Be Done duality that sends almost every adult into a childlike state on most issues.

Message Movies always melodramatically highlighted Problems. They were aimed at convincing the audience that Something Must Be Done. People were expected to look to Intellectuals and Idealists to tell them what to do: as in Karl Marx’s “Dictatorship OF (not BY) the Proletariat.”

When discussing Intellectuals running the economy, I always ask, “What will the Intellectuals tell the economy to produce?” Not one other person seems to have thought of that question.

All through the Communist era, “Centrally Planned Economies” were comparing their economic progress relative to real economies. The question catches Intellectuals off guard, because the answer is
“Intellectuals will order the products that similar to the same things real economies do.”Image Hosted by

That was the definition of “economic progress” for all centrally planned economies.

In 1980 there were warehouses in the Soviet Union which were filled with American-style 1950s Hula Hoops. Not one was sold, but the contents of these warehouses were dutifully added to the inventory of production which was recorded as a measure of their catching up with the output of capitalist economies.

Which is why I said “real economies.” That is the operative Marxist definition. How would Idealistic Intellectuals decide what to produce if they had no reference to market economies?

They literally would not know where to begin.

The same question is NEVER asked of anti-whites. I have repeatedly challenged you to look up the word “starvation.” The white man’s world is the first place in all of history where there simply are no statistics for starvation.

There are none.

Everybody in white countries is expected to keep all his teeth. Never before in all of history has there been a Glorious Civilization where even the top people kept their teeth. Every single Pharaoh we have examined had vitamin shortages and other dietary problems that would send the poorest bum on our streets straight to the emergency room.

This is a list that is almost endless, and a list you will never see.

Because all of pro-whites’ time is spent on Exposing the Hidden rather than pointing to the obvious.