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One-Race Diversity is Genocide

White Genocide is the use of the EXCESS population of the third world to make the white world non-white.

A place is not ever declared “diverse” unless it is “diversifying” whites.

What is called Diversity is “One-Race Diversity.”   “The races” are not intermarrying.  The white race is the only one all this Diversity aims at.

“One Race Diversity” has two parts.   First, the white race is being chased down by the SURPLUS non-white population.  It is not a matter of THE Races.   Secondly,, no one ever mentions Diversity except when it is aimed at whites.

For example, the SPLC head writer who talked to me, ONCE, was surprised to learn that Whitaker, whom they said they had been trying to find, has been on their mailing list for years!     I

I reminded him  that one of their mailings was for money for a program if bringing blacks into NORTHERN IDAHO!Image Hosted by

If I had predicted an anti-white program to chase down whites in NORTHERN IDAHO, I would not just have been called an alarmist, I would have been labeled a NUT!

Yet here was this SPLC letter, signed by George McGovern, asking for money because the smaller half of a Northwestern state was too white.

They are absolutely serious.   In the non-white world, most whole countries have a smaller percentage of non-blacks or non-browns or non-Orientals than northern Idaho does of blacks.

No one mentions this.  Certainly no one raises money to chase any other race down this way.