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From Backbaygrouch

Yesterday tomorrow visited America.

On a languorous summer day in Duncan, Oklahoma, three bored teenagers decided they want to see someone die. Three Black thugs picked out a White boy, pulled a car up behind him and shot him dead. Already many in the media are drawing the conclusion that America needs tougher gun controls.

As for the ‘hate crime’ aspect of the story, nothing to see folks, move along.

Christopher Lane was a handsome youth playing baseball on scholarship at East Central University when he was gunned down far from his Melbourne Australia home. He thought he had come to America, but America is South Africa now. White Genocide has entered a new stage.

A White lad is senselessly murdered and the issue is gun control.

The Black thugs have confessed. They are James Edwards, 15; Chancey Luna, 16, and Michael Jones, 17. They are the unwitting agents of the hostile elite that is promoting the Genocide by assimilation and by murder of the White race. We are to be cowed and made submissive.

This promising young man died and we are to believe it is an unfortunate by product of the Second Amendment. Or so the media is trumpeting. Their premise that a White life is meaningless. Chris Lane had no arrest record. never possessed burglar’s tools and was not suspended from school. Chris Lane was no Trayvon Martin.

This brutal slaying, reaching across the Pacific, touches two White countries. No White country is safe. No White person is safe. Only White countries are expected to react to interracial murders as  a story about government regulations.Image Hosted by

The demeaning of White life permeates the initial news coverage of this story. Fight back. It has gone viral. Go to Google News and post the MANTRA in the comment section of every one of the hundreds of stories this crime is spawning.

Change the subject. A White life is not a matter the paperwork involved in purchasing a gun, it is about the survival of the White Race. This Aussie kid, maturing and excelling in the United States, is a precursor of your fate – White Genocide.

Change the subject. Post the MANTRA. It is best insurance policy on the market to assure your children, White children, have a future.