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The Mantra World

In the 1950s anti-whites would insist my racist stance was because I was a provincial. They would point out that the world population was overwhelmingly non-white, so Americans could not afford to concentrate on saving the white race.

Regular as clockwork, I would say what nobody else ever said, “That is exactly the reason I am a segregationist.. If we don’t fight miscegenation our race will disappear.”

Then, regular as clockwork, they would go from me being a provincial to me being an alarmist. As Senator Edward Kennedy said in the debate over removing the national origins provisions from the Immigration Act, “If we are being overwhelmed, we’ll just change it.”

They laughed their asses off at me when I predicted in high school that Federal troops would be used to enforce integration. They laughed at the idea that the third world would pour in.

Even then I knew how weak Europeans were. If America set the standard, Europe would open its borders. But at a time when the fight was over one black entering a Southern University, the idea of hordes of non-whites pouring in was laughed at.

So here we are.

Our language was not sophisticated but it was dead accurate:

“Give a nigger an inch and he’ll take a mile.”

“Integration is like pregnancy. There’s no such thing as a little pregnancy.”

What scared me was the MENTALITY I saw behind the race-mixers.

They used to argue that all that was needed was little bit of integration, let black students attend white schools if they wanted to. The courts got rid of THAT right quick. But I was known as Federal Troops when I predicted in high school that the Feds would have to send Federal troops at us.

No one remembers any of that.

And no one ever reminds them.

I spoke the Mantra in my early teens.

Those who fight the Mantra lean heavily on their own provinciality. They say they are only advocating open borders and assimilation in the countries where they live, so it is not an attack on the white race.

Many a self-styled British Patriot has wrapped himself in his flag and said he loves anybody who is British, whatever their color. You have to recite that crap to get promoted in the US Army.

But nobody in Japan is required to insist that he is for open borders. Nobody in Singapore says the world is welcome there. It’s funny how the “Patriots” are in WHITE countries.