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Twelfth Anniversary

BoardAd reminds me that Whitaker Online began on September 12, 1998. For the first time, I will announce our WOL/BUGS anniversary on the right date instead of realizing it later.

I had been writing emails to a small group of people and one of them asked me to begin a blog for the Southern Nationalists. He got us started on the technical side, and there may have been fifty readers.

A good teacher learns more than his students do. I don’t think there is any other blog which has a tenth as much intellectual WORK in it as this one does. Everything has evolved, from my audience to my message to my whole approach.

If it were not so much against the political grain, the last twelve years could be the Montesque’s Essays of Blogdom, developing into the form of a modern blog just as the medium itself became general.

I can’t imagine anybody has learned as much from BUGS as I did developing it. As a graduate assistant in Political Science and then a professor of economics, I felt I had never really read the textbooks until I had to teach them.

The same is true of BUGS, on several levels.

The Southern Nationalist movement turned out to be a front for some Presbyterian theocrats, and it did the usual split. But I learned about blogs, and both sides in the split carried Whitaker Online, for which neither side ever forgave me.

All they were arguing about is ancient history. We are their only legacy, and it is one hell of a legacy.

In that long stretch of years, I couldn’t get my book out, surprise, surprise, it was a screed against the whole professorial class that tells people what to publish. One publisher took it on my credentials and then READ it, and then told me that they not only would not publish it, they were DESTROYING ALL CORRESPONDENCE relating to it!

There is such a thing as being TOO accurate!

I spoke at a New Orleans conference and found Stormfront. On Stormfront I was famous for cutting down the anti-whites but no one would use my arguments. That is the story of my life, so I used what I had, I EVOLVED what I had.

Twelve years down the road, we have a simple message and a group to spread it. Like supply and demand or Newtonian Physics, it sounds simple once you GET it. But the job of hammering it down and then slowly finding people who GET it has required thousands of hours of work by me, and even more by those who, for nothing but the Cause, did what I could not do.

It looks simple, in retrospect, but I have been a professional writer for many decades. One of the first things you learn about writing is that when a piece ends up looking so logical that the author just sat down and wrote what was on his mind, there is blood on the typewriter keys.

It is the easy flow of the professional writer that makes it look so easy. I don’t know how many people have said to me, “I can say things, but I can’t WRITE them” When a professional writer has rewritten his piece a dozen times, it is easy reading, it flows naturally, or LOOKS natural. Naturally people wonder why they can’t write exactly what they are thinking of exactly like that.

Gravity was around for billions of years when Newton came along. Everybody PRACTICED the economics of supply and demand for millennia, but nobody THOUGHT IT OUT until Adam Smith.

As In the development of WOL/BUGS, what you end up with looks like what you would have started with.



What in the hell has Bob been DOING for twelve long years?



Political Correctness is the Party Line

Does anybody remember the term Party Line? It was invented and used exclusively and openly by the Communist Party for decades. A Croatian told me that the word for it in Communist Yugoslavia was “political rectitude,” political correctness.

The Part Line on June 21, 1941 was militant neutrality between the Allies and the Axis. On June 22, 1941 the Party Line became militant anti-Axis. That was the day Germany invaded the USSR.

The Croatian did not realize until I explained it to him that political rectitude is political correctness. In English the term “rectitude” is too old fashioned for common use, but not in Croatian.

In Croatian, “rectitude” is relatively new. It is a Latin word. It was adopted very early in the Latin using West but later in the Slavic world. So we use it, and translate it from Russian, as “correctness.”

English is as far as I know the only language which adopted the term “Party Line.” The reason for this is obvious to us older folk. A party line meant a telephone line that several people used. You couldn’t call while someone else on the party line was speaking, and it was famous for gossipers to listen in on.

Political Correctness was entirely a Marxist term because other religions have other words for the same thing, like “orthodoxy,” but of course the term “orthodoxy” would be poison to a Marxist.

So they wrote each other about what is translated as “political correctness” or “political rectitude” which is translated into English from those letters dating back into the Stalin period as “political correctness.” The interpretations are not fooled by the nature of that term, but respectable conservatives show the usual cowlike blank face when one points it out.

Liberals don’t choose pet conservatives to point out that political correctness is the same thing as the Party Line, though every translator knows it. Party Line makes their direct association with Marxism too obvious.

Political Correctness is the Party Line. When Moscow represented the Party Line on Strategic Defense against Reagan, Teddy Kennedy committed treason so blatant it was actually reported after his death that he allied with Andropov to defeat Reagan on it.

It was a desperate and carefully forgotten campaign which united the entire left against what Kennedy called Star Wars. All the way from Peking to Saturday Night Line to Superman the Nuclear Freeze was a titanic campaign.

Jay Leno even talked about how the comedians had been mobilized in the solid leftist front. It is a secret kept only by conservatives who want liberal approval.

No translator is fooled. Jay Leno, no conservative himself, was not fooled.

No, one must have one’s livelihood on the line to miss that obvious point