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Hearing the Silence: Establishment Versus Internet

There has been an alliance between evangelical Christians and Marxists to censor the Internet in America the way it is censored elsewhere. The evangelicals scream “pornography” and he Marxists scream racism.

But to my astonishment I found that the American web users are actually fairly bright. I thought I would surprise people when I pointed out this Christian Right-Marxist combination years ago, but I was informed that it had been talked about a lot.

I am not used to any part of the public catching onto ANYTHING.

We just had another illustration of the same revival of extinct intelligence on the web.

Listen. Can you hear the silence about it?

When it came up it had chorus of bells and whistles and was in all the commentaries.

“It” was a bill to censor the internet, not for sin or Thought Crime, but for copyright violations. It was featured in commentaries across the establishment press.

Predictably,, a leftist blog that attacks property rights and was all for OWS, came out firmly in favor of protecting the rights of the establishment media. I do not know if the professional preachers held up their end of the coalition to censor the Internet.

Then this bill, which seemed to be running right along, ran into a few million infuriated constituents — that part of the electorate which knows best how to hit Washington with e-mail and it just DIED.

I have already told you how to tell something was favored by the media establishment:

Listen to the silence. When something very public suddenly gets shot down and everything about it is dead silence and the Memory Hole, no discussions of what happened or even reminders that it DID happen in the media or in respectable conservative stuff, what went down was something the mainline media wanted very, very much.