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The New Colossus: A Public Disservice Announcement

It’s hard not to take what they did with this one extra personally. From the billboards littering the Duluth roadside to the educational forums they held to Encourage a Discussion On Race to the 30-second video. They filmed, cut, promoted and FUNDED all of this right in my own back yard.

Sometimes it can be hard to see exactly what a promotion or text is attempting to achieve. “What’s the message? All this glitz and glamour is making it hard to decipher.”

Videos and campaigns such as the UMD and the Unfair Campaign’s PSA (public service announcement) are truly nothing more than a PDA (Public Disservice Announcement), a welcome mat – if you will – for EVERY non-white and ONLY non-whites to move into a given target area. What normal white person would view that PSA and say, “Golly Gee, Duluth sounds like a great place to raise a family?” No more white children, not for Duluth. No, siree Bob. That will be the new net outcome.

But, non-whites? Now, that’s a different story. Non-whites simply drool over this kind of thing. This represents an opportunity for them to knock down some big bucks while they try to help paint our children right out of the picture. However, the silence was heard. The message is clear, “Duluth is Ready for MASSIVE non-white immigration.”

The New Colossus (the anti-white establishment) quietly whispers, “Give me your tired, your poor… Just so long as they are no longer white.”

From America to Europe and South Africa, they are trying to REPLACE our children, our posterity.

That IS genocide.