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The treaty of Versailles was MEANT to anger Germans.

If you split a country in half, of course it’s going to make people mad.

If you tell a country where it can or cannot move its army (which hinders its ability to defend itself), of course people will get mad.

If you tell a country how many boats, planes, and officers it can produce, yes, it’s going to make people mad.

Combine all these and you have a big middle finger directed at Germany.

So why would the anti-White elites want to make Germans mad? For the reaction.

When looking at the treaty, French Marshall Ferdinand Foch said: “This is not Peace. It is an armistice for 20 years.”

Marshall Foch knew that Germany would not accept this deal, and it would have to wait for its next generation’s coming of age before it could do anything about it.

Believe what you will about the reaction, but it is pretty clear that anti-White elites wanted the reaction so they could get us to this genocidal system today.