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Posted by Dick Whitman on July 10th, 2012 under Coaching Session, Musings about Life, Political Correctness

FEAR: The greatest barrier to success and creation.

Being relaxed, without worry, unafraid, and confident in the moment allows you to be more creative and perceive reality with more clarity.  The reason the military does drills over and over is to prepare people to carry out tasks when they’re extremely fearful.  It’s hard to think straight when you’re scared.

That which holds back humans most is fear.

The fear response is useful if a tornado is ripping through town or when wild animals attack. If you’re on the African savanna and a lion attacks you or a giant baboon comes at you the fear response is there to take over when reason won’t work anymore.  You wouldn’t try to reason with a lion.  Wild animals live in almost constant fear.

Sometimes humans can be like wild animals as well (which is the result of fear).  Here’s an example of a person, (who probably teaches at an Ivy League school?), who is no different than an animal.  I found this comment at a website called “Mind Book.”  At Mind Book’s home page they describe the site as follows:

“Mind book is a respectful social network comprised of open-minded people that have a passion for consciousness-elevating, stimulating, and meaningful ideas and information.” (1)

So now that you have an introduction to “Mind Book” here’s the comment I found at this site.  It’s in reference to the Greek Nationalist Party which has been experiencing some recent successes.

“Could be, but they are also neo-nazis who should be dealt with. If I lived in Greece, I’d be planting bombs at their headquarters and murdering them in the streets. These fascists are sick people, you can see them and their ways in videos people are posting. I do have a little understanding of occult magick and im not attacking that, but a fascist is a fascist…as if these ignorant neanderthals hold any secret knowledge. “(Geoff Anderson) (2)

This commenter (“Geoff Anderson”) at the site “Mind Book” is so filled with fear that he can only react like an animal to ideas that he doesn’t even have the capability of trying to understand. For these people we must act as one would when dealing with a wild animal.  This person is not capable of rational discussion.

So besides the obvious times when fear is useful in defending yourself (from irrational animals) or escaping danger, (like a hurricane), fear is not useful.

We at BUGS, (and others who have an interest in the survival and amelioration of a bio-cultural human group known as Whites), should understand that we have nothing to fear.  We oppose the genocide of a human group which would be more than acceptable, (and even encouraged), if this human group was known as “Mexican,” or “Native American,” or “ Tibetan,” or “Jewish.”   Pro-Whites are scientifically and morally in the right.  We break no laws.  We don’t take part in violence. We don’t encourage violence.

All we do is disseminate a message in opposition to the genocide of a human group.  We disseminate this message mostly with words but this writer also highly encourages creating art that conveys the message.  The animation of Follow the White Rabbit and the music of JohnnyWhiteRabbit are examples of such art.

Whites have been programmed to feel fear at the idea of opposing the forced integration and assimilation of White countries, communities, and institutions.  This fear has been cultivated to cause inaction.  IOW, this fear is programmed in you to stop you from opposing the program of White genocide.  What we know today as “political correctness” is a mechanism for keeping people afraid.   The truth of the matter is that we have no reason to be afraid and are 100% justified in our desire to survive and thrive just as any other human group.

All of us at BUGS and/or other pro-White activists, must always keep in mind that we have no reason to fear. The more we can overcome our fears, the more effective we will be at not only smashing the anti-White system, but at creating anything we put our minds to.



Look for more articles on the subject of fear from this writer in the future.




  1. #1 by restelle on 07/10/2012 - 4:13 am

    Thank you for writing this! This makes a lot of sense and I agree with it!

  2. #2 by six gun on 07/10/2012 - 8:25 am

    Fear is a spectrum from anxiety to terror.
    I am anxious we will not achieve our goal.
    I am anxious if we do, the next stage will not be achieved.
    I am anxious I will not live to see our success.
    I am anxious when Bob is gone this will fall apart – and so is Bob.
    I am anxious we will get censored to Hell. You can see the authorities moving this way.
    There is lots to be anxious about.
    That does not mean I am terrified and paralysed by this. We have a mountain to climb and the opposition have got a head start. There is a lot of climbing to do.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 07/10/2012 - 8:54 am

    Geoff is repeating the cult’s talking points, go to Kos and you will see that post at least a dozen times in a day. It truly is fear based, partly that the cult will cull him from the herd, that post is a self administered loyalty test.

    Someone should ask Geoff if given the chance why he is anti-white. I say that because our failed pro-whites who preceeded us would debate Geoff with “facts” (while all true they mean nothing to Geoff who lives in the clouds of moral superiority), and Geoff would shout “racist” and then promise utopia compared to our “meanness.”

    We hold the moral highground as Dick says. Some day the censorship will fall. Those who spent their lives thinking they were pro-white when all they did was pontificate about abstract concepts once removed from being White will I hope be shunned. (crime & IQers, States Righters, and the secession dreamers up in the NW)

  4. #4 by Jason on 07/10/2012 - 9:30 am

    Very nice, I look forward to more articles on fear. And it is inspiring to be around so many people who are courageous and actually changing the real world. Helps us all overcome fear. And I must say, overcoming fears is about the most liberating experience anyone can have.

    We are heretics. We are loyal in an age of disloyalty. But there is a certain unique honor in that, even a thrill, that most people never know.

    • #5 by six gun on 07/10/2012 - 10:02 am

      You are right Jason.
      There is nothing to fear but fear itself.
      All successful people have been afraid but they have not been put off by that fear.
      Being fearful is normal.
      Our people should be fearful. We must instil fear in them. A fear of their own genocide.
      They are sleep walking off the edge of a cliff. Their senses and common sense has been dulled to the point they are even assisting in their own destruction as a race.

      There are two things that drive markets. Fear and greed. Fear is far more powerful.
      Busts are far more precipitous than booms rise.
      Booms take months and years. Busts can be in minutes.

      I want our people to be frightened and see the truth.
      Fear of the reality must overwhelm the fear that holds up this choking system of political correctness
      If we can instil fear in our people their instincts will kick in and no amount of political correctness will be able to put them back to sleep.

    • #6 by Simmons on 07/10/2012 - 12:38 pm

      In my case I would like to rebut that bit about courageous. I have a certain anonimity on the net, but one day that will lost and what prepares me for that day is the Mantra.

      Did the early christian missionaries head to the Nordland with “facts?” No they had a clear, at least to them moral vision (truth) and in the end they prevailed, but only the lord knows the costs.

      We have that clear moral vision.

  5. #7 by Dave on 07/10/2012 - 10:51 am

    There is a tide of ruin that runs beneath our feet.

    It is a forge for the bondsman and his sight. That is a fancy way of saying that ruin mints feral dogs.

    But the truth is that people desperately and militantly cling to what they have.

    And this is especially true of nonwhites. When I look at the nonwhite communities, what I am seeing is a militant and desperate clinging to proximity to whites. These people know what it means not to have proximity to whites. Few white people understand this accurately.

    The role of the Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s of this world is to obfuscate this fact. They are the enablers of the mainstream media’s pretending.

    Pretending is what the Establishment does. It is all pretending, pretending, pretending.

    Boy, do people ever like to pretend! It is one of things they do best.

  6. #8 by Tom Bowie on 07/10/2012 - 7:02 pm

    As irony would have it one commenter in this thread “The only people mad at you for speaking the truth are those living a lie.
    keep speaking it.
    ~Gaskins Jr.


  7. #9 by dungeoneer on 07/10/2012 - 7:35 pm

    Thanks to Dick and the other recent article writers.

    Any fear us BUGSers may or may not have about going up aganst the anti-white regime has to be vastly outweighed by their fear of our decisively breaking their Silence,and our fellow white citizens fear of the anti-white bullies lessens each day.

    Dick “bio-cultural human group known as Whites”

    Please no! We`re white.That other stuff is wordist mush.

  8. #10 by John Locke on 07/10/2012 - 8:25 pm

    For the truly fearless, there is a new public activist group, Guardians of Diversity, which believes in the Mantra.

    Do we really have a chance without going public?

  9. #11 by Dick_Whitman on 07/11/2012 - 8:33 pm

    “Do we really have a chance without going public?” (John Locke)

    By “going public” I assume you mean street demonstrations?

    I recommend not getting too hung up on street demonstrations. One mistake many White activists make is assuming that street marches are necessary for our success. They believe this because they see National Socialist Germany as their model. This is a mistake. The NS of Germany had to spread their message via the street because there was no other way to get a message out when they owned no other media sources (Newspapers, radio). Today it is possible to reach millions of people on the internet with our message.

    Since the beginning of American White Nationalism not one street demonstration has made one bit of difference (in fact, in total they’ve probably had a negative effect). Even the intellectual White Nationalists with their scholarly meetings and 1000 word tombs have had more success at influencing minds compared to the street marchers. The worst elements of White Nationalist Times Past have been the street marchers. It’s easy to be fearless when you have nothing to lose (or when you’re paid by the FBI).

    Of course, although it’s not really necessary, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. If a hundred people wanted to wear BUGS t-shirts with the Mantra printed on the back and clean up a public park or beach, this would be good activism.

    The most important aspect to consider with public activism is the presentation. Political theater is art. This is where one needs to take an honest look at oneself and determine if one is truly appropriate for representing the pro-White movement.

    If one is a poor public speaker, or prone to anger and excitability, or is just plain ugly, they should be wise enough to know that they’ll only hurt the cause they claim to advocate for. When it comes to people like this, they should accept that they’re not cut out for this role and find another way to help the cause (spreading the mantra at the SWARM, creating art, website support, financial support, writing articles).

    So if by “going public” you mean street rallies and such, then NO, we don’t need to do this to “have a chance.” We just need to disseminate our message. If someone wants to try to disseminate the message using political theater on the street, then go for it. But it has to be done in a creative and intelligent manner.

    With that said, if I were the anti-Whites and I was worried about the message at BUGS spreading out of control, I would create a street rally entity for the purpose of polluting the message. I would populate this entity with buffoons, scumbags, and weirdos and have them go into public to push the BUGS message while acting like circus clowns.

    I would then give them media attention so that they become the face of the BUGS message. I would use the SPLC to report on this entity of circus clowns to frame them as the face of the pro-White consistent message. I would do all I could to try to associate the BUGS message with this unit of circus clowns.

    This is what I’m looking for. The enemy knows it can’t handle our message. So the best thing they can do is try to pollute it and associate it with the buffoons, scumbags, and weirdos of White Nationalist Times Past.

    • #12 by Jason on 07/11/2012 - 10:22 pm

      Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

      This should be a featured article. It puts into words what I have felt for a long time. I have always thought the value of street demonstrations was very limited and often, in the case of the various “White Nationalist” groups (half of whom were informers) was actually quite negative – it set everything back, which is why the government paid them in the first place.

      It had never occurred to me that many legitimate WN were using NS Germany as a model. Yes, we are in a different time with different technology and modes of debate. Frankly, over my many long years of watching politics, I always cringe when I see anyone on the street coming at me (think of LaRouche followers). I don’t think they persuade anyone today. In modern day America, no one wants to be approached by strangers.

      I do think large numbers of peaceful, well dressed, well-spoken people could potentially do some good. If we had a 100 people show up who normal Whites could relate to, that is fine. But as was said, it is not necessary. Nor will it be anywhere near the most important methods of effecting change in the internet age.

      And yes, we all have to accept our personal limitations. I can show up and support a speaker, but I may not be the best choice to DO the speaking.

      • #13 by Dick_Whitman on 07/12/2012 - 7:07 am

        I will write an article to submit about this subject. This needs to be addressed.

  10. #14 by six gun on 07/11/2012 - 10:41 pm

    If you look at demonstrations in the UK they are a complete waste of time.
    They are something of an archaic format.

    There would without doubt be UAF [ANTIFA] swarming around screaming the usual nonsense. Demonstrators are herded into pens, there are hoards of police, there is invariably some violence precipitated by the leftist misfits or infiltrators. Normal people stay away.

    The controlled media report it as a White supremacist, neo-Nazi or something or other march. I have seen family orientated peaceful marches with young children waving a flag presented as paramilitary maniacs. The sickness of these anti-Whites is limitless.

    Better spend your money on a bumper sticker and a tee shirt. Better relentlessly post and promote over the internet. We are like grains of sand slipping through their fingers. Everywhere and nowhere. We can post anywhere, any time. You just don’t know where we will turn up and we cannot be muzzled. It must be maddening.

  11. #15 by GoD on 07/12/2012 - 2:44 pm

    We absolutely DO need street activism. A lot of your notions about it never working are invalid for many reasons and I would expect more out of the Bugsters.

    The problem with people doing street demonstrations in the past is that 9/10 times they do not act normal, dress normal, and behave normal. By this I mean dressing professionally, not using historical symbols, and not doing straight arm salutes.

    I run a very successful website as many of you probably already know: SaveWhitePeople or Guardians of Diversity. Our best months that have brought us over 100,000 hits were months in which we deployed to the streets themselves. These include protests of immorality, anti-White racism, and putting out flyers.

    One of our higher ups protested a Trayvon Martin vigil at a public university. We made the local news (see the activism page) and his picture with the sign was “reblogged” on the social networking site Tumblr over 100k times bringing us a major amount of hits. See our activism page for the coverage we got. My only gripe was that he was not properly dressed.

    Most recently one of the members of our organization put out a flyer. It was ranked number 1 on one of the most popular sites on the internet “redidit” see the link here:

    We were literally getting 1,000 hits every 5 minutes at one point. By the end of the day we closed in at 70,000 hits and the residual effect carried over to the next day. What was the literature that was distributed you may ask? Well, they were MANTRA flyers!

    I am going to address this very issue on my radio show “The White Voice” Episode 60 tonight. I love how I see the minimantras and alike on comments on YouTube, some news articles, etc.. But the battle for the survival of our race is NOT going to be won on the streets. The anti-Whites are already making counter mantras and the message is slowly getting defeated or at the least dismissed.

    What we need is a viable institution who does things the right way for our people and is active. This is something I have built. The mantra and comments on websites will only take us so far. Getting behind the right people doing things the right way will get us VERY far.

    Please see my contact information on my website and I’d love to explain this to all of you.

    For the record, I love the mantra, I love the SWARM, I love the ideas, but more needs to be done and I want to play an integral role in such.

    • #16 by Scythian on 07/13/2012 - 4:57 pm

      What “counter mantras” are the anti-whites making? THE Mantra is air-tight and the momentum is ever increasing and never ending. Any counter to the Mantra is justification for white genocide obviously; anti-whites countering the Mantra is akin to them tightening the noose around their own necks.

      • #17 by Daniel Genseric on 07/14/2012 - 8:23 am



      • #18 by GoD on 07/14/2012 - 5:02 pm

        You see, what does it matter if they are justifying White genocide as individuals?

        What good does that do for us? The ones doing the real damage are the ones who are for White genocide without actually saying so.

        • #19 by Jason on 07/15/2012 - 12:32 pm

          It does a lot of good when our opponents ADMIT IN PUBLIC that they are for White Genocide, or we can EXPOSE them as such. At that point, they have admitted they are evil. Everyone knows genocide is evil. When normal Whites hear that, they begin to realize what is really going on.

        • #20 by Scythian on 07/15/2012 - 7:11 pm

          All the marches on Rome (the thousands of fallen regimes) were preceded and fortified by popular sentiment to one degree or another. We have reached a time in history where demographics don’t lie: Third world “immigration” (i.e. colonization) and integration/”assimilation” while all pro-white is BANNED is 1,2,3 an OBVIOUS program of white genocide. Those who deny this OBVIOUSNESS are weak or stupid or both. It’s a simple matter of seeing.

    • #21 by Gavin on 07/13/2012 - 7:41 pm

      I’ve seen people responding to your groups work. The most the anti-Whites can do is to mock you saying things like “that guy looks like a loser” or just mocking the concept of “saving White people” they can’t argue with your message. I saw when your flyer went to #1 on reddit, excellent work.

    • #22 by Jason on 07/13/2012 - 8:18 pm

      Congratulations on using the Mantra-esque flyer to get attention over on reddit. Also, congratulations on your show. And I think we all agree that looking and acting normal is one key to reaching Whites.

      This is the one part of your statement I might differ with:

      “What we need is a viable institution who does things the right way for our people and is active. This is something I have built. The mantra and comments on websites will only take us so far”

      I don’t think we are anywhere near needing an institution to carry our work forward. What we need is tons more Mantra posting. I am not against institutions being set up and experimented with, but, if Bob has taught me anything, it is that conservatives have put way too much faith in institutions. Even leaders aren’t that crucial (at least right now). What is needed is to impose terminology, put the ideas of White Genocide and Anti-White Hate out there to the general public.

      It also looks like the attempts to counter the Mantra totally fail – indeed, they merely end up spreading the Mantra through other means (the grey goo thing). I think the evidence is that posting and debating the Mantra is THE key to changing the world in our direction, especially for the next several years.

      • #23 by Gavin on 07/13/2012 - 9:23 pm

        We already know how Bob feels about institutions:

        My view is that we can educate people about White genocide without getting some formal thing together. Like guerilla warriors, not an ordered army.

        • #24 by Jason on 07/13/2012 - 9:41 pm

          I think we are much more effective guerrilla style. We don’t give the enemy much of a target for one thing. Being anonymous has it’s advantages. I’d rather someone spend years posting anonymously than go public, and then have to fight the media, the government and violent Anti-Whites and basically be neutralized.

          • #25 by Gavin on 07/15/2012 - 10:31 pm

            The anti-Whites can deal with groups and institutions. What they cannot deal with is ideas and ways of seeing the world. That is their weakness. We have no need to create an institution in order to spread our accurate way of seeing the world.

    • #26 by Scythian on 07/13/2012 - 10:23 pm

      “We absolutely DO need street activism.”
      “But the battle for the survival of our race is NOT going to be won on the streets.”

      The above actually makes sense to me now that I put the two sentences together. Yeah, I would think hammering the simple truth of white genocide into thousands upon thousands of people’s heads in seconds over and over and over again, as opposed to waving an American flag while screaming at some Mestizo at an “immigration” rally might be more effective.

      Speaking of guerrilla warfare, although I haven’t been in the field much since the new Swarm policy (for various reasons), I’ve found that it has caused me to be more disciplined.

    • #27 by OldBlighty on 07/13/2012 - 10:39 pm

      If you think going public is the only way, Bob has asked people to run for public office, so we can get cheap political advertising for the Mantra on commercial stations, as they would not be allowed to refuse it. Running for something like dog catcher, is enough to get this inexpensive political adverting.

      Remember, we are not about building institutions, building large numbers on websites, or finding messianic leaders, we about raising the volume on the White Genocide message in ways they cannot censor. This is asymmetric warfare.

  12. #28 by Scythian on 07/13/2012 - 11:11 pm

    Thank you OldBlighty for reminding us of that. Also, I meant to thank you for having my back while Swarming a CNN article a while back – I figure BUGSers instinctively know their help is greatly appreciated.

    Dick, I believe you have a website called ‘snout smack’? The link I’m providing here of an article I believe you wrote seems very unbugs to me and kind of contradicts what you preach in the above article. But I wouldn’t even bring this up if it weren’t for the fact that a post I tried to make months ago on your website about how ridiculous it would be to bomb Iran b/c they’re building nukes – got blocked; if you have such a problem with Jews, why would you block that comment? My screen name was Mago.

  13. #29 by Dick_Whitman on 07/14/2012 - 12:57 am


    I don’t remember your comment but feel free to re-post it. You must have a good memory if you can remember a comment you made months ago?

    As far as Jews are concerned the neanderthal thesis is one theory for trying to explain why ethnocentrism comes so natural for them?

    Ironically I just addressed the neanderthal post again in this post: and I think it addresses your concerns.

    Thank you for giving Snout Smack some free advertising 😉 but in the future it’s probably better that you keep your questions regarding SS at SS. If you want to discuss this further, head over to SS.

    I’m glad to know that you’re “Mago” though. You have the most comments at SS. Your support is appreciated.

    • #30 by Scythian on 07/14/2012 - 1:46 am

      You posted a link to your site under one of Bob’s articles, that is how I became aware of it; so since you linked your website to this site, your what seems to me unBUG like actions there might negatively reflect on BUGS? So naturally, this and the fact that you “moderated” a comment one would think you’d have been glad to post led me to question you as a BUGSer – that was my concern – not anything on your site. I’ll leave it at that as this is a working site.

      • #31 by Dick_Whitman on 07/14/2012 - 8:31 am

        You lost me. Feel free to explain it to me at SS. Make sure to explain what specifically made you “question me as a BUGser.” I’m not clear on what you mean?

  14. #32 by GoD on 07/15/2012 - 3:47 pm

    So how do I get Bob on for an interview? E-mailing never works.

    • #33 by Harumphty Dumpty on 07/15/2012 - 4:39 pm

      I’m just guessing, but if you’re able to contact Horus about it that might work, since I assume Horus has some way of contacting Bob. Or look for a comment by Bob here (usually but not always in blue) and reply to it with an invitation…be sure to give easy contact info for him. Or use caps and bold here to get Bob’s attention:

      @BOB: Bob, could I interview you on my internet radio program? (contact info)”

      Apologies for our poor communications here.

      If you do interview him, I have a request, which is to not interrupt him as most interviewers do. Bob’s thought is very different, and requires close attention to what he’s building as he talks, and interruption in the typical interview style disrupts that. Under our tab above, “Porch Talk,” the best audios of Bob IMO are his own, whereas the interviews of him are painful to me because of his flow constantly being interrupted.

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